9 thoughts on “Chapter 24, page 17 – Big Betty fight tips

  1. Legit almost snorted at the boob-kata names.

    1. I freely admit, I LOL’d. (Beware the lung hammerlock and the mammalanche!)

  2. Don’t get trapped in the Motorboat Boob Rattle, either.
    Eric Hines

  3. And never ever get boobietrapped in a boobiecane blurp.

  4. Heh, my wife about suffocated me after a hard “ride”,
    I had to lift her up and turn my head! Big boobs are a threat
    in the wrong “hands”. LOL

  5. What about if Wendy ‘Flicks the tips’?
    Or is that an illegal move in unsanctioned back-alley boob-boxing?

  6. Safety goggles.

  7. There comes a day when you realize you are completely over a comic. Instead of continuing a story, we get boob boxing. Thank you for the years of enjoyment, Truly. But wow. This used to be such a good story.

  8. Tornado Tit Smack I get. Milk Hurricane? As Wendy said, “Eww”.

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