Chapter 19, Cover – Reny Wranbo, AKA Rin, AKA Rennie

Rennie tells Tirin about her newfound memories, revealing that she is from the future.  As she sifts through her memories, she relates her story to Tirin, including her early years as a teen genius, the tragic events involving her family, and her internship at the Department of Time Curation with Dr. Torel.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 19, Cover – Reny Wranbo, AKA Rin, AKA Rennie

  1. Wait, is that the original Reny? When she was murderized? Or when she was younger?
    She’s cute either way (not as cute as Rennie though, but close 😛 )

    1. She is the original Reny but more clarification on Reny/Rennie to come

      1. Was meaning at the time she was murdered
        Obviously this is the original

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