Chapter 19, page 1 – Information on the brain

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27 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 1 – Information on the brain

  1. You did the facial expression perfectly in panel four 😀

    1. Thank you so much!

  2. Umm, could you explain what her parents do in stupid-persons terms?
    Could kinda figure out what some of the words were (and what they mean on their own), just… not what the whole thing means

    1. Haha! I don’t think I can! Dad is a space quantum Archimedes (math) engineer and Mom is a scientist who studies psychoneurokinetics (not something you’ll find on Google search in this present time period) 😀

      1. Oh, thought that that was ‘archi-media’, sort of like an archaeologist except dealing with ancient TV programs 🙁

        1. My interpretation is not set in stone — I like yours better!

    2. I presume the mother is a telekinetic mix of therapist and brain surgeon

      1. Now that would be something! Can you imagine? Removing a brain tumor using telekinesis? Telecyberknife surgery!

    3. Astro: Stars, heavenly bodies, outer space.
      Quantum: A discrete quantity of energy.
      Archimedes: Old science dude known for redistributing fluids.
      Engineering: Applied design.

      Taken together, daddy is either a rocket scientist specializing in interstellar travel or a porn star marketed to math and/or history nerds.

      1. LOL I think the latter!

  3. 1200 years of being a student and absorbing knowledge. Hopefully Reni has absorbed wisdom too. Then when she decides to be an adult and apply the knowledge, she’ll do so ethically.

    @Guesticules I agree. The facial expressions in this webcomic are excellent.

    1. Thank you Lloyd! Yes, unfortunately great knowledge does not always come with great widsom.

    2. So… This doctor has all this technology at his disposal, and he walks around looking like that???

      He looks like Albert Einstein had a love child with Rick Moranis.

      1. Ahh, but in that future, it’s all about what’s inside of the suit (skin scrubber/stimulator/massager, temperature regulator, osmotic waste disposal, etc). And Rick Moranis mixed with Einstein is all the rage among men 😀

  4. OMG Around here we call them Ithakids. Had one myself. Fortunately she’s just got her first job in StatisticoBaysianEcoModeling. But she has to go to the UK to find one, since Americans haven’t been funding climate change research lately . . .

    1. Now that sounds like a super specialized profession! Mine is just the opposite — still trying to find himself…

  5. To be honest, getting a monthly (or even weekly) brain scan would be a good idea
    If for no other reason then having the most up-to-date info to implant into any clones needed because she just exploded her current brain

    1. haha good point!

  6. Your mastery of facial expressions really shows up great with these new characters. Very nice work!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  7. “Then great-grandma gave me my first book, an actual printed book, and my whole world suddenly changed!”

    Dunno why Tor-El thinks she’s so aggravating. She even says “please” to the safety subroutines.

    1. Hey, did you read the next page already? 🙂

  8. One problem with jumping ahead academically: you also skip the most basic aspect of group-schooling, interacting with others
    Just look at Smelly Shelly Cooper: mentally brilliant (sort of), just should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to interact with another hyu-mon directly, and definitely not be allowed to breed!!

    1. and.. i can name quite a few others, who that would be very detrimental.!!
      an as said in panel 3, ” i would have to dumb myself down to interact with others.!” … i took the GED in 6th grade,, why would i want to hang around with the glue tasting, uppity, or Neanderthals that pound on others for lunch money…

    2. Jumping ahead definitely has its challenges for future social interactions and relationships (or lack thereof)

  9. ?no one .? no one likes the foot bath???

  10. What a disappointment. It is only archimediengineering instead of engineering.

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