Chapter 19, page 29 – Just call me Tirin

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 29 – Just call me Tirin

  1. Mh, Rennie’s new suit reminds me of Ciri in “The Witcher 3” game.
    On second look … the arms remind me of Triss, except the fact Triss wears black suits.

    But why this “sad puppy eyes” face in P. 6?

    1. Possibly for being treated like a friend (with or without benefits) and an equal?
      She may be physically as old as TirTeen (or maybe even a little older, not counting the time travelling thing), but she has spent the last however years thinking she was much younger

      1. Yes, exactly (being treated as a friend/equal) 😍

    2. There is an exact replica of Ciri’s outfit available for DAZ, but this was not it. This was just a random fantasy-oriented suit I found in the virtual closet that was never used — great stuff by an artist named Rhiannon on

  2. Cue scene change to Torgi and the Tirinites

  3. Aww, no fweckles 🙁

    1. She still has them, they’re just not good to see in P.6 due to the light. I the previous panels they’re clearly visible.

    2. She still has freckles – I didn’t change that 😁

      1. So glad 😀

        Wasn’t sure if they were still there, or if the screen was just dirty (screen is very dirty, but being a laptop screen, kinda afraid of using nasty solvents that might melt the plastic)

        1. I clean my screen by dusting lightly with a microfiber cloth. If dampness (slightly moist, not wet) is needed to help dislodge dust/dirt, I either 1) breathe on the screen (like with eyeglasses) and then wipe with a microfiber or lint free eyeglass cloth (about 2 inches square per breath), or 2) get the microfiber cloth damp (not wet) with plain water and scrub very gently. Good luck.

        2. Thank you for that tip 😀
          Just have to stop being lazy and get it down

        3. I think mild glass cleaning, sprayed on microfiber, works as well. Just don’t make the cloth soaked-wet – the frame around the front foil isn’t waterproof sealed.

          There are also humid cloths, soaked with a special fluid to clean TFT screens. Their ingredients are even less aggressive than glass cleaners.

        4. Use to use a little soft-plush penguin to clean up the dust, but haven’t done that in far too long 🙁
          And don’t get me started on the touchpad or keyboard 😛

  4. The new invotive… is that gonna be Ren’s new look? Certainly looking older, will just wait and see it in-comic to see how it really looks

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