Chapter 19, page 28 – make me 18

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 28 – make me 18

  1. Gah! Not-so-subtle Theodore Geisel reference!

    1. “You’re a snide one…”

    2. agree, not very subtle Agree, not very subtle

  2. Wait, is that the same bra Librarian Tir was wearing? o_O

    1. It could be — underwear is reused/recycled in this world 😁

  3. Looking forward to Ren’s reveal next week (such a tease)
    Just… please keep her freckles?

  4. I think Rinch’s first name must start with “G.”

  5. It is an odd but pleasant feeling to have influenced a comic like this. My first. I think I like it! 🙂

    1. 👍

  6. I know it’s just a psych hang-up, but if I start seeing Reny’s face among the NSFW thumbnails, I may need to self medicate. 😐

    1. Understood

    2. Reny’s not child; she’s just drawn that way.
      Eric Hines

    3. Remember, even Tir was a child once, younger than Ren

      And Ren use to be physically 18

    4. All true, and I even chuckled when I chose my phrasing, but still…
      Fictitious persons have real stories told by people, not computers, and Reny’s backstory is one of abuse and disempowerment. She’s literally just now coming into a place of personal stability and safety. Adult pinups of a character so recently victimized honestly does trigger a negative reaction in me, even if I only see the thumbnails. It’s more than just pixels involved here. Hope that makes sense.

      1. Besides, my name’s Stimpy. I feel protective of characters named Ren. 😉

        1. Very good points! And yes, LOVED the ren and stimpy show – so much respect!! 👍

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