Chapter 19, page 27 – once an evil egomaniac…

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 27 – once an evil egomaniac…

  1. I pretty much understand Rennie doesn’t want to tolerate Torel’s presence, whatever his appearance is. That way she’s also not tempted to finalize him by herself, especially if she caughts him doing stuff all dogs usually do: being around their owners even in private situations.
    For most owners that behaviour is annoying, for Rennie it’s creepy.

    Now Sariel and the Tirinites have the burden to wipe Torel from every timeline branch after a certain point in history (he HAS to have messed with Rennie’s past to make her aware of him) or make completely sure the little Androdog never gets a chance to creep around again.

    As for the corgi – I assume it has enough KI to understand its situation:
    – It was created to serve someone.
    – It got improved with someone’s soul without being asked.
    – This soul messed with other people’s lives – Rennie isn’t the only victim.
    – And because of this soul’s deeds, the Android might face its destruction now.

    Pretty mean.

    I hope the Tirinites can extract and wipe Torel’s essence from the Corgi’s memory completely, so it has the chance to “live” a happy Android life at someone’s side appreciating that.

    1. Hmm good points food for thought…

  2. Glad Ren chose this action: she didn’t want the puppy killed, just kept away from her and for Tor to never have a chance to ‘return’

  3. Has something been changed about TirTeen’s eyes in the invotive?
    They seem… a little different

    1. You’re right! For some reason there is a heavy shadow or they have deviated out of their sockets a bit! 🤣Will correct!

      1. Was actually referring to the colour, hadn’t noticed them quite so yellow before
        Or maybe it’s the black iris’

        It does look like her hair is bigger than her head though (as in, her face seems smaller than it should), but that’s probably just me

        1. Her hair is definitely bigger. Her face is the same model. The irises of her eyes are bit more brighter green

        2. Oh right, pupils, keep getting those mixed up 🙁
          The combination of the larger pupils and brighter irises makes her look cybernetic

          It’s difficult to explain exactly what mean by ‘her face seems smaller’: the head is the right shape, it just… appears like the features are smaller (possibly due to the angle)? Like that image of the white cat whose face is reduced to a much smaller point (and because the face is white with black eyes and a nose, it kinda looks normal at the same time as not normal)

          None of this is a complaint or criticism, just… an idiots observation

        3. I appreciate your observations (not idiotic at all) 👍

        4. They may not be idiotic, but they are coming from an idiot 😛

  4. Just noticed that Ren didn’t look at Torgi once on this page

  5. Torgi Corgi puddin’ and pie…

    Okay, long blab ahead. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Soul Puppy. He adds story interest as an enigma; is he *ahem* ‘fixed’ or not? Oscar had a moral compass before he was infected. Tor-El didn’t. I imagine a crisis where he must reappear, like our heroines getting caught in, say, a ‘recursive causality spiral’. Their own future time echoes call to them and plead that they summon Torgi and leverage his knowledge to quench the spiral before they reach their echoes’ future point when it will be too late. They reluctantly do so, but will he help, or…? 😕

    1. Good questions and points — we shall see what happens to Torgi…

  6. I’m curious about a couple of other lines:
    Will Billy, with his gadgetry whiz-ness, fool around with the doglet in an adjacent time-line and loose the demon within, unfixing him?
    This would give an opportunity, too, to see how Yritai handled/is handling Tirin the Younger’s father’s evening with the queen.
    Eric Hines

    1. More great suggestions! Thank you

  7. Rennie: “Not gonna snuggle the cute puppy, or let him live in my house, that is the same creepy middle aged dude who used to watch me change clothes and shower in my actual early teens. Nope. Make Korean BBQ!”
    Sariel: “He’s canine-droid. He’s made out of silicon and hard plastics, not meat.”
    Rennie: “…Those still melt. Light ‘im up.”
    Tirin: “Bonus points if his last words are ‘Oh what a world! what a world!'”

    1. Haha! Korean BBQ! Love it! (now I’m hungry…)

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