Chapter 19, page 26 – Torgi

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  1. I wonder what the percentage split was on the vote. I suspect that Toasting was in the minority, but the Torture option Ralph Nadered away enough of the Kill voters to get it the highest percentage.

  2. Without knowing the details of what exactly “soul toasting” is, his only next stop should be feeding an conveyor belt on an asteroid somewhere. With an explosive collar. Timed for about two hours.

    Clearly, he has a “will” of his own, in that he has resisted the rename. If that will permits *any* exploration to learn more, then an obvious (if difficult and very chancy) route exists for a version of Torel to reemerge with enough knowledge intact or reacquired to be SERIOUSLY dangerous. And very, very highly motivated.


    His birth needs to be prevented in ALL worlds. Anything less is just spinning the chamber. And we see how well that went down for the prior timelord.

    1. Slight correction: THERE. CAN. ONLY. BE. NONE!.

      1. I’ve been saying “There can only be one” with reference to how many hands can be at the controls for time travel for a long time. That one is NO version of Torel the Creeper.

  3. Hoping what ever is behind the upcoming hiatus isn’t too troubling, we will all be waiting for your return and whatever the next road brings 😀

  4. Personally don’t feel Torgi will end up with either TirTeen or Rennie (specially Rennie!)

    Got a good guess who Billy would hook up with (seeing how Bitchlock is out of contention 😛 )

  5. Mh, a corgi is small, but still something dangerous – it has a snout with sharp teeth. Biting into the right spot (e.g. the neck where the main arteria is) while Rennie sleeps will cause a swift death.
    I am sure the cyborg parts have protections against such a scenario, but Torel was known for working around obstacles, so … probably not 100% failsafe protections.

    1. They are not very aerodynamic though: just punt Torgi off that cliff Bitchlock fell down

  6. Ahhh… no just fuck no! Do we have to go over this again? Torel BAD! Just kill it. Leave the puppy, extract the Torel and kill it!Banging my head on the wall here! Ahhhhhh! nonononono!

  7. Avatar


    So the toasted dog would be a Pup-Tart?
    Scantily clad time-traveling warrior woman? Check.
    Robot dog? Check.
    Perky young female companion? Check.
    Don’t hate the dog. This is in line with the comic’s theme of turning deadly enemies into allies.

    I would like to see Tirin leave the dog and the time spice with Sariel (and Sophie and Rennie?); as long as Sariel promises not to use her time traveling powers to
    1) preach ‘Woke’ness with her ‘Fam’
    2) travel to but not change atrocities and environmental disasters
    3) change into a man
    4) travel with a companion with a disability that ONLY affects their ability to pedal a bicycle and climb ladders (should have swapped that one with the blind girl)
    5) retcon the whole universe by finding out she was Tirin Primoridal all along.

    Will Billy’s mom ever find out where he went? Will his imaginary friend get a real body or meet Tirin’s imaginary friends?
    Will Tirin’s dad ever build his cities with Yritai? Will she be an older sister?

    I would like to see 1-2 slice of life panels or splash pages on some weeks if the story arcs are too much.

    Thank you for sharing Tirin’s adventures with us.
    We look forward to experiencing more of her universe when you are ready.
    I wish you health, wealth, and happiness.

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      PS. I prefer the Legends of Tomorrow/Xena, Warrior Princess vibe over ‘that other show’ with a time-traveling phone booth that does not star Bill and Ted.

      1. Good thing ‘that show’ ended with the grumpy old guy, right?

    2. There’s nothing wrong with the dog, it’s what’s in the dog that’s the problem

  8. I hope everything turns out well for you and yours.
    I would vote for a return to a more straight-ahead adventure with Tirin and some compatriots. The time-twisting with Torel has been fun, but I’d like to get back to the “mercenary” aspect. And No to the dog.

    1. Yes, to both suggestions

  9. Wishing you the best of luck with whatever is at the root of your Merceneiress hiatus. May it be correctable and, once in the past, leave you healthier, stronger, and even more creative.

  10. Given the dog’s abilities, it makes far more sense for him to serve Rennie, who could use some more training and strategy, rather than Tirin or the Tirinites, who are already well trained. Having Rennie revert to her actual age appearance and joining Tirin on her next phase also makes sense, as Rennie looks for something to give her next phase meaning.

    So what should Tirin do? As Trin Prime, she hardly needs the wealth that mercenary work provides.
    But retired heroes are just living trophies or retirees. Put out to pasture. One can only soak in adulation for so long.
    What did Oscar do in (Heinlein’s) the Glory Road? He found another reason to walk the Glory Road… another wrong to right. Another maiden (or gentleman) to rescue. Another dragon to slay.

    1. Except… Ren wants nothing to do with any part of Creeper: after what he did to her parents, and to herself
      Even if the Toasting had worked, Ren would still remember…

      1. Oh, I totes agree. While presumably the soul-toasting does it’s job correctly, Rennie wouldn’t accept the help, without some really hard (or skillful convincing). I do think it makes sense for her to accept the dog, but only in the larger sense.

        Best to have Rennie think of some or some function that the Corgi can do, which would be both of true service and humbling… and away from her. In (quite) some time she can come back and see how that worked. Perhaps for now there might be a nice err.. cat-borg she could take along with her on her next steps.

        1. Again, it’s not the dog that’s the problem (remember how she greeted it?), it’s what’s inside the dog she wants nothing to do with, EVER!!!!!!!!

  11. Considering I’m a cat person, and if someone tried to foist a dog off on me the only thing that’d happen is they’d leave with it or it’d end up at the shelter; That thing looks like a football to me. Punt it, see what it’s flight characteristics are like.

    1. At least it’s not a Sealyham Terrier! Those dogs look like they took a regular dog… and cut it off at it’s knees!!!
      The body is proportional with a ‘normal’ dog, just without any legs

  12. Oscar was a (presumably) normal person infected with a disease that made him a danger to people in his immediate surroundings. Being soul toasted cured Oscar of the disease, allowing his normality to be reestablished.

    Torel is known to be a bad person with a toxic personality and ambitions that were a danger to the timelines and the multiverse. Being soul toasted cannot cure him of a toxic personality, although we are told it does so and curbs his capabilities to an “acceptably safe” level.

    I agree with those who don’t think Rennie should accept the dog. She’s been running from this guy for 1200 years. She doesn’t seem to be the forgive and forget type (awww, what a cute dog!), nor the vindictive type (let me skin it with a dull scalpel and stake it out in the acid rain). Letting him near her, regardless of form and assurances of “safe,” would not be reasonable for the character that I understand her to be.

    @merceneiress Thank you for everything. I’ll continue to vote on TWC as often as possible until you return, or you tell us that the stories have all wrapped up and the inspiration well is dry, or about a year has passed (I’m stubborn that way). Good luck with your sabbatical!

    1. Oscar was infected by… Torel!!

      As long as there is a TWC vote button, will continue to vote 😀

      1. @Guesticules “Oscar was infected by… Torel!!” That made me laugh for five minutes straight. Thank you.

  13. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and your excellent thoughts/opinions about Merceneiress. As I’ve said in the past, your collective comments have greatly influenced the story and I am greatly appreciative! Turns out this hiatus will be short-lived (for now anyways). A new page should be coming this week!

  14. Welcome back.
    Eric Hines

    1. 😍👍

  15. In regards to the question you sent out regarding Patreon continuation – I finally was in a position to help you with this comic, so even without the rewards you’ve mentioned, I have no issue with continuing my contributions regardless of whether they show up or not.

    1. Thank you so much!! ❤❤❤

  16. I am pleased to take note of the fact that the Tirinites did indeed, feed Torel his own dick!

    1. 😂

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