Chapter 19, page 30 – back at spice headquarters

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 30 – back at spice headquarters

  1. No, nononono, just liquefy the creeper, the longer it (the creeper, not the dog) is allowed to continue to exist the greater the chance it will escape

  2. Agreed – just because the outside is a cute puppy, this inside is still a horrendous monster that wanted complete control of ALL of the timelines.

    1. Do not trust cute! Cute is a biological response designed to keep us from murdering small animals, but dangerous things in cute packaging is exponentially more dangerous.

      1. Do not trust cute! Love it 😆

    2. I think another problem just as serious is that at least one of the crew tasked with keeping him secure is actively trying to corrupt him, or whatever morals have been imposed upon him. Can anyone here *not* imagine where that could lead? 🙁

  3. I wouldn’t trust the puppy. Period. It seems the “Former self” is too much in control.

    “Deplorables” … heh, THAT insult coming from an android is gold 🙂 .

  4. He’s still trying to win. And these people don’t seem terribly smart; he might just do it.

  5. Let’s move away from creeper, and talk about how fiercely cute (cutely fierce?) Ren is in this weeks invotive?

    1. Cutely fierce indeed! 😁

  6. Yep. Called it. Creeper’s mind is barely constrained. KILL. IT. KILL IT DEAD. KILL IT DEAD NOW.

    1. They seem to have preserved his knowledge base. How much does a soul shape a mind? How much does a mind shape a soul?

  7. Reddington got out of his cage, too. And he got anyone he wanted out of the same cage.
    Eric Hines

  8. NO ONE expects the Yorshat Inquisition! …except Soul Puppy, apparently.

    Is “cooked up in here” a typo, or a foreshadowing? 😉

    (Hrmph! My wellness sessions just have music and candles and lifestyle coaching.)

    1. oops! You’re right — cooped up — but then again, cooked up is not so bad (like you said, ?foreshadowing). Corrected. Haha if we all had wellness sessions like the Tirinites maybe the world would be in a better place?

    2. Avatar


      Get well soon, Trinia!

  9. Like everyone else, I think having it around is a mistake. That evil bastard is probably cooking away in there with a new scheme and slowly taking over. Mark my words:

    Evil corgi with a frickin lazer on it’s head!

  10. sounds like it’s unanimous – get Torel out of that corgi. hopefully the Tirinites will do so…

    1. Hopefully they can do so without damaging the cor-bot (or that Tor hasn’t already fundamentally corrupted the cor-bot 🙁 )

  11. I don’t trust Torel, I trust dogs only slightly more. Even if they had shoved him in the superior species of cat, I still wouldn’t trust him.

    1. If they had put Torel into a cat, humankind would have been screwed.

  12. To paraphrase a lyric from Johnny Rivers’ hit “Secret Agent Man”:

    “Beware of cute faces that you find
    A cute face can hide an evil mind …”

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