Chapter 18, page 6 – Meeting with the Queen

13 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 6 – Meeting with the Queen

  1. “I want an heir, and you are going to be the lucky sperm donor. Now, drop those pants and let’s get on with this, shall we?”

    1. 😆

  2. I’ve always thought there was something odd about the Queen’s appearance. It’s pretty apparent in panel 1 and 6; either she has a really wide trapezius muscle or her shoulders are rather narrow and seem to slope down rather excessively. All the other ladies have normal looking shoulders by comparison.

    It’s not so visible in the last panel though.

    1. You’re correct, her shoulders are narrow and sloped downward. This was actually a side effect of upgrading her previous model to a newer model, but I liked it and kept it. In the story, let’s just say she has a genetic syndrome that weakens the curvature of her spine and the muscles of her upper torso. So unfortunately, having a heavy weight on her chest exacerbates this. And since she was not a believer in nanotechnology / cybernetic implants or breast reduction, she has to get magical chiropractic therapy periodically, but Mara can only do so much (and the Queen did not want morphable breasts, so…)

      1. Queenie would have <I>loved</I> the 80’s, what with the padded shoulders 😛

        1. Yup she would have! 🤣

  3. hehe,, light bondage.. 🙂

    1. Getting ready for her Tolewon?

  4. Problem with having the chains wrapped like that? If someone were to heat them up somehow, or pull the ends in opposite directions, would leave several chunks of ex-guard all over the lovely rugs…

    1. Nobody’d get close enough (unless you were in control of a certain spice…)

      1. There are spice routes, and there are spice routes.
        And there’s Spice Route Paarl, whose goodies also might allow close approaches and not only for guards.
        Eric Hines

      2. Which is where the ‘somehow’ comes into: special laser to heat the metal, large magnets to pull the chains, barrels of bleach to clean the rugs… 😛

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