Chapter 18, page 5 – Dad surveillance with little Tirin, Billy and donuts

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 5 – Dad surveillance with little Tirin, Billy and donuts

  1. Pumpkin Soda? o_O

    1. Mud in yer eye?

      1. Panel two

  2. Lil Tir is eaten that doughnut wrong, not an art error, just the way she eats them

    1. Frosting toward tongue is odd, but not inherently wrong.

    2. You’re right! Not inherently wrong, but it is odd. So I’ve corrected it (also for Patreon members, I changed it on the Patreon site too). Thank you!

      1. Was thinking it was more that it was upside down, so the sprinkles would fall off
        Some people do eat it that way

        And yes, meant ‘odd’ rather than ‘wrong’, how someone eats something is their choice, and me personally isn’t going to tell them to stop doing it that way (unless notice they could eat it more efficiently and will simply suggest another way, and leave it to them if they want to change or not)

        1. Sheesh, you didn’t even think about the possibility Lil Tir is so distracted by the video stream she doesn’t notice how she holds the donut?

        2. Like said, some people do eat it that way, same as how some people eat a ‘candy bar’ sideways (and not just in ads)

  3. Heh, is Billy more concerned about watching the hanky spanky?
    Or with Lil Tir telling him the highlights later? 😛

    1. 😁 good question!

  4. Silly Billy’s a bit of a prude.

    1. Yeah, Tirin the Younger needs a different boyfriend.
      Interesting that 18-yr-old T the Y doesn’t seem to have much contact with him.
      Eric Hines

      1. The only time we see TirTeen, is out in the wild, and now back in her room spying on TimeFucker

        You could say the same thing about her dad, or her step-mother aunt.
        Personally wanting to know what happened with Afro-Dome and Zit-face

    2. He is a ‘prude’, because he doesn’t want to see, or hear about, his girlfriend’s father ‘getting it on’ with an old bat like Queenie?

  5. Regarding the Mirror Stand, I’ve always been a fan of none at all.
    Eric Hines

  6. LCD screens? Books made of bound paper?
    Maybe they’re already traveling backward in time. 🕰⏪😉

    1. That is a SLAQ (subquantum laser avant quintuplediode) screen actually (invented by Samson). The books are indeed made of paper from Saronian oaks, which are regenerative trees.

    2. The best longterm data storage device is still the microfiche
      All you need to access the stored data, is a light source and a magnifying device

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