Chapter 18, page 7 – Lady Arpatia’s vision for Saronia

13 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 7 – Lady Arpatia’s vision for Saronia

  1. Dabs has upped her game, clever girl

  2. Queenie? Don’t ever go crosseyed again, it makes you look even worser than normal!

  3. Going from the Middle Ages straight to the Space Age without all the pesky Ages in between?

    Yeah, nothing sus about that plan in the least!

    1. haha! just a teeny bit sus

  4. Avatar


    Never before had Queen Shayli Vay stared in horror at erections in her private chambers. However, once she recovered from the vision of the seven towering around her, the queen knew it had to be Samson’s erections she saw wherever she went. “This is the Vay.”

    You rock that cinnamon bun hair and croissant helmet, Dabney!

    1. Oy, Vay!

  5. I wonder if the queen has seen through this deception, given that she is fully aware of Dabney’s abilities.

    Perhaps that’s why Dabney is part of this meeting…

    *Cue ominous music*

    Also, sleeping with that crown on would be very uncomfortable, I should think.

    1. Indeed, but the Queen not only sleeps with the crown as you will see in future pages 😋

      1. I may be repeating myself, but there’s the line in the BBC production of I, Claudius: “Not slept, Caesar!”

        1. Who has not slept with the Queen? Those who are still breathing

        2. Wait, Queenie prefers sleeping with the dead? :thinking: o_O O_o

  6. The Empire embracing and celebrating Saronia culture? 😕
    Did this “Lady Arpatia” visit involve kool-aid?
    …and who measures royal flesh coverage? 😳

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