Chapter 18, page 8 – Royal Flesh Law defined

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 8 – Royal Flesh Law defined

  1. Umm, what if Samson doesn’t want to be exempt? How quick can they supply several litres of Mind Bleach? He’s gonna need a lot soon 😛

  2. Wait an inbred moment! The highest seat in the Emperor’s Council? The same knob-fucker who tried, several times, to annex Saronia by force? And had a death bounty placed on Queenie’s large deformed head?

    1. umm this is Saronia,, not the Empire.. so the highest seat on the “Saronia Council” ,, not the Empires Council..

      1. Literally “the emperor’s council”

      2. Read the first panel again

        1. read again,,, oops .. got it o.0 .. wtf yo..

  3. Okay so this begs the question… how exactly does a “royal coitus facilitator” work?

    Is Dabs going to use her power to …uuum, “lay” in for the queen or something?

    Or is her presence part of the plan the girls have concocted?

    I’m finding it slightly difficult to believe the queen would be fooled by this scheme, but perhaps it is playing into her own desires somehow.

    1. Remember what got Dabs sentenced to that ‘Trial Stage’ in the first place?
      Either that, or she acts like a Royal Madam, selecting potential ‘mates’ for Queenie (possibly by sleeping with them first, to ‘check their credentials’)

      As for Queenie being fooled? We are talking about the same woman, right?

  4. Happy Christmas.!

    1. Merry Christmas!🎄

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