Chapter 17, page 29 – Oscar’s first soriapathic episode

10 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 29 – Oscar’s first soriapathic episode

  1. plot twist: the nurse was the only person in the world who knows the correct dosage of this new drug.

  2. Knew Pia would be the first victim: victim of that flap-chomping misogynistic butt-weasel!!
    The fucker knew what would happen, and let Pia pay (she probably turned the creep-fuck down, and he couldn’t accept that)

  3. Heh, if anyone could have kept up with Mirby, would have expected it to have been Dabs…

    1. i wood say Tirin.. she is a trained operative .. whereas Dabs is a mimic..but.. i don’t mind the view anyway.!!!

      1. Feel embarrassed about forgetting what Lil Tir was doing when she was first introduced 🙁 🙁
        It’s probably where Mirby learnt it in the first place

        1. hehe don’t be,, you prolly have dived the archives in a while… whereas i do it all the time… ( the latest was, when you mentioned ” flap-chomping misogynistic butt-weasel!! “..),, it has been 11 years now… (yesterday was was 11th birthday.!) 🙂

        2. Yay!! 🤩🤗👏

        3. Who the Fuck is Mirby?

  4. That ain’t never gonna come out!

    1. 😅

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