Chapter 17, page 30 – Mistress subjugated / Rennie loses consciousness

13 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 30 – Mistress subjugated / Rennie loses consciousness

  1. Oscar misses his companion, Bitchlock is close enough to how she was before she got converted, this time Oscar will be ‘hands-on’ where to comes to Bitchlock’s training

    1. 😄

  2. Please let Rennie simply be tired 🙁

    1. I don’t want to spoil it. We shall soon see 🤭

  3. Blalock’s transference, or part of it, rode the weakness resulting from the beast’s poisonous bite into Rennie, and that conflict is leading to the girl’s frailty? Or only part of Blalock’s transference was able to make the trip, and the incompleteness is causing the girl’s problem?
    One of Oscar’s representations shifted into Rennie, taking advantage of the same weakness, but Vay bodies aren’t equipped to deal with nanos?
    Eric Hines

    1. Good interesting thoughts…we shall see 😃

  4. ..”Fuck You.” .. “Oh I will.!!” 🙂

    1. Good catch, but it was a soft pop-up to the infield.

    2. it’s more like:..”Fuck You.” .. “Oh yes, you will be doing that!!”

  5. I Wonder: With Bitchlock under her/Oscar’s control, does she now have her power?

    1. 🤪🤪🤫

  6. Ia there a novelization of this story?

    1. There isn’t, but I’ve thought about that…

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