Chapter 17, page 28 – Oscar flashback continued

14 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 28 – Oscar flashback continued

  1. bitchlocks look… “yep.! typical Male.!!”

    1. 😂 exactly!

  2. Oscar’s taking a turn for the nurse!

    1. 😂 good one

  3. Something bad is still going to happen to Pia, either by Oscar or Doctor Fucktard (remember how he feels about females? specially those who accompany him on his ‘time trips’?)

    Wait a time-warp, what was the name of that girl Sariel mentioned when she saved PeeTee and Mirby? :thinking:

    1. Avatar


      Reny Wranbo. (Chapter 14, page 27)

      Who could have guessed Salock would fall to the Oscar Virus? (Entr’acite, page 2)

      1. thanks, I had to look that up too 😂

      2. Is it just a co-inky-dinky that the one who tipped Sariel off and the one Young Adult Tirin is training share similar names? Reny and Rennie? :thinking:

  4. What the..? I missed a week.
    Dude! You don’t monologue your backstory to your adversary until you carelessly reveal your one vulnerability! That’s the villain’s schtick!

    (…unless it’s the “I’ll distract her while you escape” ploy.)

    1. we shall see soon!

    2. You forget: Oscar was a villain (it’s how PeeTee ended up having him as part of her ship)

      1. Now, now… he was a victim, too. We’re watching his flashback even now. (Of course, his innocence may not have been quite as untainted as he remembers it. 😉 )

        1. Even villains can be victims, doesn’t stop them from being a villain

  5. Finally! A bare breast!

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