Chapter 17, page 26 – Non-essential Oscar

21 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 26 – Non-essential Oscar

  1. Guesticus called it!

  2. Surprise! Bitch!!
    Get ‘er Oscar!! Use her as your onahole!!!!

  3. I didn’t see this coming, but I like it! Fuck her up good, Oscar, fuck her up good!

    Am I allowed to drop the F bomb here?

    1. you don’t know how close you are… remember WHY Oscar is in here… or his crime that caused him to be digitized … he’s a perv…so,, to distract her, he is labial to try all forms of the kamasutra, in 30 seconds just because he can…he cant effect Tirin or her body,,, but nobody said anything about the noobie… 🙂

      1. And just remember how long it’s been since he was able to ‘relieve his urges’
        Bitchlock is in for a rough time 😀

        1. ..long time.. yeah last time wasn’t it (she/her) the poor ships AI…?

        2. ahughaa dive dive dive… i was mistaken.. after a archive dive…it was not “the ships AI” it was Lilain.. one of Flynn’s Vampire Assassins ..

        3. You were kinda right: <I>he</I> was the ships AI, and the only ‘action’ he had was with the pleasure circuit PeeTee installed… <I>until</I> she added Lilain

        4. Now I gotta reread from the beginning…

      2. Don’t forget what caused him to become a soriapath: a military retrovirus intended to increase mental flexibility. Probably why they were targeted for Soul Toaster uploads in the first place.

    2. Totally ok! (F bombs) 😁

      1. Aww, I just realized, little T is gonna have to see it all happen.

  4. Bitchlock is about to find out just how crowded little Tirin’s head is.

  5. It’s Oscar McGuffin!

    1. 👍👍

  6. This brain is DEFENDED. Remember who Oscar was… While he might no longer be a soriapath… he should theoretically be as strong as Tirin-the-elder’s memories of him, so there’s that.

    1. Fairly sure he’s not <I>just</I> a memory, PeeTee included him along with the memory-download

  7. FUCK YEAH!! Get’er Oscar! 😁💪💪

  8. I’ll screen Rosa. Need to screen the other guard, too. But first, I’ll need to screen the Specialists, see if they’re up to the task.
    Eric Hines

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  10. The latest vote bait, once I got over the dark funny, interests because of the pattern at the bottom of that garment.

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