Chapter 17, page 27 – Four Oscars and a flashback

26 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 27 – Four Oscars and a flashback

  1. woof 🙂 the red head “specialist”..

    wrong.. you are in a doctors office,,, nothing is ‘painless’.!!

    1. Looks like she’s about to work Rosa over 🙁

    2. “What do you mean? That shot I gave you didn’t hurt me at all!”

      Personally, I preferred the patient handling of every doctor who’s given me a more painful treatment of some kind than that ass. I mean, yeah, they hurt worse, but at least those doctors admitted it would hurt. Most of them even described the longer term sensations at least somewhat accurate. Basically any doctor who says it’ll just be a quick prick is also wrong – there’s still at least discomfort of some sort until it’s mostly healed. It’s much better to know what’s expected than to have some ass lie and say it won’t be anything. It’s two days later, and the injection site is starting to throb. Is that normal? Something to call the doctor about? ER trip? We want to know these details. Also, regardless of what they may think, it doesn’t go without saying unless you know their full medical history and know that it really is just like most of the ‘whatever sort of procedure it was’es they’ve had, because some patients have had significantly different experiences than they expect.

      1. I think certain people have a high anxiety level — if they are told it may hurt, they’ll freak out, so I think doctors/nurses downplay it a lot. But I agree that they should just be truthful about the whole thing, especially after the shot is given, patients should be informed about potential soreness, how long it may last, etc.

    3. 😁 indeed, never say painless in a doctor’s office

  2. Heh heh, loving Bitchlock’s face in this one, basically “Oh fuck! I screwed up, didn’t I? Mom-my!” 😀

    1. 😁 almost feel sorry for her…not

    2. Suddenly regretting her “beauty regimen” and her skimpy attire.

  3. Dayam! Rosa is looking even hotter!!

    What does she like to do when not internally vomiting while guarding Queenie’s bedroom?

    1. When not guarding the Queen’s bedroom, she is training to be a better bedroom guard 🤣

      1. Can still work with that 😉

  4. Well, all treatments are painless. For the doctor.

    Mh, the tattoo on the back … something tells me this might NOT be the motive which was ordered initially.

    Does the doctor have a blind right eye? There’s something grey-ish over the whole pupil.

    1. I had to recheck the doctor’s eye — I think it was the reflection of light at that angle, causing that cataract appearance

  5. The doctor looks alot like the timelord guy that was going to kill TP and Mirby when Mirby touched the time spice.

    1. Yay! You got it! Just shows how devious that guy was…

      1. Knew he looked familiar, just couldn’t remember why!

    2. I wasn’t sure if it was the same guy or just the same 3D model. I was leaning toward the same guy, because I figured two sick bastards created using the same 3D model would’ve been too big of a coincidence.

  6. Something tells me, there is a reason we can’t see Nurse Ratched’s face, specially now knowing who the doc is…

    1. You’ll get to see her face (and more, maybe) on the next page😅

      1. … She’s gonna be Oscars first ‘victim’? 🙁

  7. That doctor… looks a lot like Torel, from the episode where Abby caused a time vortex.

    1. Yup you got it! He wasn’t just a curator of time, he liked being a part of the exhibit…

  8. Winning an Oscar for best stunts, best special effects and best comeback. Congratulations!

    1. 😃🙏🙏🙏

  9. An interesting thought, head aches are a side effect of soria’s treatment…..

    who else do we know that keeps getting headaches?

  10. lolwut didnt think this would be a plot poitn after all this TIME

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