Chapter 9, page 14

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 9, page 14

  1. It is time? It’s time. C.R.E.E.P.E.R. There. Done.

  2. Ooo, so he was responsible for her parents’ murder

    1. Probably. He just needed to disable her dad’s nanites. Without proof they were manipulated, they just “failed”.
      Or maybe there WAS proof, but that got eliminated during other time trips.

  3. And knew that hairstyle was from before the whole internship was even mentioned

  4. Next on Time Pedo: “My Lolita Never Has To Grow Up… So Long As I Have Time!”

  5. Frame 2, Text bubble 2, “took extensive” should be “take extensive”

    1. Corrected! Thank you!!

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