Chapter 19, page 15 – Can you help me with something tonight?

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 15 – Can you help me with something tonight?

  1. “Update the timelog” … why does it feel like “Alter some events in the timelog so I can proceed my sinister scheme”?

    1. Well, the only timelog we have here is entirely automated. Barring a glitch in the system, the only reason to update it would be to conceal evidence of the sort of judge/jury/executioner role he admitted to playing earlier, or the creepy sort of power abuse she just found out about.

      I assume that the reason he inducts them into the time corps is to minimize the amount of timelog updating he needs to do. I mean, if it’s anything like our timelog, you *can* update the timelog, but, um, it logs that. Blocking such log entries is an exercise in futility, as each thing you try gets logged, and eventually, you have a time log that’s basically hundreds of lines of `HSishi updated the timelog. HSishi updated the timelog. HSishi updated the timelog. HSishi updated the timelog. HSishi updated the timelog.`, each with their own timestamp. I mean, assuming you went to the effort to eliminate all the details of the various other things you attempted, each of which would be grounds for execution. Updates to the timelog themselves can be explained, but the other things can’t. But when there’s massive updates like that, they tend to investigate by going back and watching you do the thing, so you might as well just spend the additional time fleeing or something. I mean, not that it would *help*, but, you know. Different people try different things.

  2. Cue Captain Squid!

  3. Kinda figured Reny would have been a little older before he snuffed her…

    1. I don’t think Creeper has that kind of patience.

    2. I got the impression creeper specifically likes them young. So long as she continues to look young and continues to be compliant enough, he’s interested. But he is getting frustrated.

      I’m kind of guessing that he’s looking to get some blackmail on her before he tries to actually push for what he really wants, rather than just trying to off her and have this be the excuse. But that doesn’t mean he won’t find her non-compliant once she finds out the details of this edit, and it doesn’t mean I won’t find that I was wrong.

  4. He has some new etchings in his timelog he wants to show her?
    Eric Hines

  5. Almost overlooked something very important here in the last panel: FRECKLES!!!!!!!

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