Chapter 19, page 13 – Reny Hologlobe

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 13 – Reny Hologlobe

  1. Creeper!

    Should I just plan to post this every third week or something?

    1. haha I don’t mind it weekly!

    2. Avatar

      Ming the Merciless

      You are the creeper stalking the poor innocent villain yelling “creeper” every week. All the poor guy wants is someone to laugh evilly with and watch his back. It’s a win win situation, she doesn’t have to work her way up the corporate ladder, she can crush her enemies right away! And not just current enemies but even those who may have wronged you years ago, just jump back in time and “play with them” before you destroy them.

  2. Curious to find out what happens if the key is wound, but on the other hand, really don’t want to know what that sick fuck had programmed mini-Tir to do

  3. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tor is behind the Beamers

    It’s the sort of sick shit he would do to ‘justify’ what he is doing, specifically why he should be the sole authority over Time Travel

  4. Code 420 I know… enjoy some cannabis, but 520?

    Much more dignified outfit for Jixy, showing his madskillz in taking down Luddite fembots.

    But if a LifeDoll is about to auto-activate and step out of the closet, I may have to skip next week.

    1. Hey! I’ve *sailed* 420s! They’re better than Lido 14s or Flying Jniors, albeit not as outright exhilirating as the Aussie 18s or the Flying Dutchmans.

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