Chapter 19, page 12 – an unsettling vibe

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 12 – an unsettling vibe

  1. Ohh! So it turns out that the creep is a creeper. I did not see that one coming…

  2. If Domino’s Pizza’s ad character becomes seriously injured, does that make him a paranoid?

    How old is Reny, anyway? Not the 1218 from the last panel of the last Chapter? I sometimes get this vibe from the text that she’s a smart adolescent, other times she’s a smart 18+ years old. Body sculpt makes it confusing.

    1. Legally, the age 18 is the most important aspect of things in the US, and respected in much of the world.

      However, for individuals, it’s not that clear cut. I’ve seen a lot of people be scandalized by someone who was clearly in his 60s hitting on 30 somethings. This included a lot of the 30 somethings, including all of the cougars in the group. (I didn’t know all of the cougars, but the ones I knew were mostly interested in guys 5-10 years younger, rather than wanting to push the line, so it’s not like they were completely unnerved by a simple turn of the tables.)

      All of that said, regardless of any age difference, the thought that someone who considers themselves above the law having interest in one can be unnerving, regardless of what that interest is. The more types of interest, the more unnerved one can be. This could easily be his normal tactics of persuasion. Step one, point out that his job lets him get away with murder, he knows it, and engages in it frequently. Step two, give them some time to process that. Step three, express interest and expect them to feel suitably pressured.

      One problem for him is, she’s been recruited to learn the same job. That training includes all of the ways that one could deal with someone such as himself. He can excise some of that material, but most of what he excises will leak back in at some point, as he’s certainly not their only trainer. Anything he excises and gets leaked back in will almost certainly get some emphasis added.

      Sure, he’s been doing this with recruits for a while now, and getting away with it. But every time has been rolling dice that were eventually guaranteed to come out bad for him. Surprise, that happened.

      1. Look at Douglas and Jones, he is 25 years older than her

  3. Well, last chapter was about a Reni in a very later time(line). This chapter is about Reni’s late youth or early adult years, way back in the past.
    Page 3, Panel 3 mentioned she was 18.

    I’m sure in future pages it’s revealed how she ended up with Tirin.

  4. Paranoid, singlenoid, triplenoid. Your instincts are correct, Reni.

  5. Hmm Heinlein wrote extensively on this subject. For myself I’ve had a loose rule of dating +-10 years around my own age with the stipulation that they were over 18. Intimate relations between people of any age (legal) group is pretty much their own business. If a fifty and twenty year old come to know one another and develop a personal relationship, fine. That said, using ones age, position and influence to “hit” on someone much younger is where ‘creepy’ comes in and is just morally and ethically wrong. This is especially true in the military or otherwise in any work place.

  6. As disgusting as this page implies, we are getting close to when that pedo-murderer kills Renny for the first time, right?
    Please let it happen before he touches her!

  7. [meta] The new vote bait is delightful.

    1. Glad you liked it!!

  8. Go with your gut, Reny!

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