Chapter 19, page 8 – haha your phase shiftor’s on

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 8 – haha your phase shiftor’s on

  1. “More appropriate apparel”? Like, a dress and no panties?

  2. Gonna to get use to the new TirTeen (at least you fixed her ratty hair)

    1. haha i didn’t, Mara did 🙂

  3. When the clock starts to shake…?

    1. heehee 😀

  4. Time tremble… I missed the bus yesterday when their clock said it was on schedule and my clock said it was early. Now it starts to make sense.
    They can’t see us, but can they hear us? Can they squish us?
    All *my* phase shifters do is make my voice sound funny… well, funny-er.

    Impressed again by the depth of your runtime. Maybe I’ll share my little comic some day.

    1. haha – they only squish the bad guys.

  5. Is a phase shiftor like autotune, but for reality? Maybe it’s a case of tomayto / tomahto?

    1. Yes, autotune for reality — you exist in a different “phase” so others can’t see you or hear you, but don’t ask me what is a “phase” is — I’d have to leave that up to Torel or Sariel to explain.

      1. Well, plainly: it’s not really phase shifting, although that’s as good a metaphor as any.
        Metaphorically similar to so-called physical space, time exists at the quantum level as a foam of wavicles that exist in an infinity of states simultaneously–until a wavicle is observed in some way–then the thing collapses into a particular particle in a particular location at a particular time (some pulp scifi writers like to call these “spacetime coordinates.” Go figure.)
        What the time spice allows is all of those simultaneous states to be observed simultaneously, then, coupled with computing power, each collapse can be selected for a particular time and location.
        It’s just quantum time at the foundation of the three (at least) dimensional volume of time.
        With the tools explicitly known as phase shifters, the time/location selected is nearby enough to allow observation of the adjacent foam bubble without being observed–because from the perspective of the observee, time still seems to move in one direction.
        Things will get interesting when two “civilizations” get access to the time spice and the computational power–or get enough computational capacity to eliminate any need for the spice.
        And Bob’s your uncle.
        Eric Hines

        1. Powerful explanation. I don’t think Dr. Torel or Sariel could have explained it any better! 🙂

        2. It won’t be interesting at all. The first civilization to discover the other’s knowledge goes back in time & ensures that the other never gets there.

          Remember, when it comes to time manipulators, there can only be one!

  6. Why this masqurade? Why not simply talk to them? Thy seem to be …. open minded.

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