Chapter 19, page 7 – Welcome to the Time Depot

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 7 – Welcome to the Time Depot

  1. Even if I didn’t know the background, I don’t think I’d trust a person with the expression in the last panel.

    Also, where/how did he get the scar, and why did he keep it? With the level of medical capabilities that must exist in that universe, I can’t think of a physical or medical reason to keep a disfiguring scar.

    1. can think off one kind of medical reason even with their tech to keep it. he could well be paranoid of being put under any kind of serious pain killers which would likely be needed for the procedure.

      and it would not be a totally irrational fear given the kinds of mind walking types we have seen around already. and he knows things that legit are not for popular consumption as they say.

      1. Yep. The surgery would require full narcosis and everything could happen during that. Jixy mentioned it – lots of people would like to kill the time curators and the boss in narcosis would be a good start. E.g. just a sedative overdose …

        1. Guys, the eye underneath was either healed or not injured. The wound is also fresh enough on the bottom to have the bright red/purple of bruising, yet is constrained to a slash shape and somehow not bleeding. That scar is being kept for cosmetic reasons, rather than paranoid or medical one.
          Unless, that is in fact a fresh wound or time frozen one.

    2. Everybody seems to be better than a dad who tried to kill his daughter and massacred his wife instead.

      1. How do we know her dad actually did that? Or, that he wasn’t made to do that

        Remember what happened to Oscar? Same fucker was involved both times

  2. Am reminded of another story: a girl was selected for a special program, but her parents were against it, parents ended up mysteriously being murdered and the girl went to the program afterall

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