Chapter 19, page 19 – Jixy’s proposal

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 19 – Jixy’s proposal

  1. So, Reny, which will it be? Door #1: you’re screwed. Door #2: you’re screwed (a different way). Door #3: you’re screwed (in a whole different way).

    Probably. Almost certainly. But…it’s hard to say.

    Poor girl is definitely betwixt the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

    She needs a towel.

  2. now thàt’s what they call ” a catch 22 situation”… whatever choice you make, you lose.

  3. At this point, aren’t the Slorn and Lord A-true-silly-one in the picture as well? 😕

    1. Lord Etrusillion got his head sliced off by little Tirin way in the past (Chap 14), which leads to Tirin and Abby attempting to use the spice to “set some shit straight,” but instead they create a time cataclysm and die. This leads to the Emperor eventually finding the spice and setting shit straight (to create a universe according to his tastes). Eventually this leads to a society in the far future where the spice and time travel are regulated by the Time Bureau (and abused by Torel). This is where we are right now. Rennie lives in this time. Just to clarify further, Sariel eventually altered the past by saving Abby and Tirin from dying in the time cataclysm (and being murdered by Torel), creating a brand new timeline from that point on — one in which the Emperor doesn’t get his hands on the spice, which essentially erases Torel’s and Rennie’s future — but we know that Rennie somehow ends up back in time with Tirin teen in Saronia. In chapter 18 we learned that Torel, during one of his many trips back in time, inadvertently avoided being eliminated when his timeline became erased (as a result of Sariel rescuing Abby and Tirin) and gets “stuck” on Saronia (he was there originally to orchestrate Rennie’s death). We learn what happens to him in Chapter 18. This current chapter tells the story of Rennie and we are slowly learning about what happened to her and how she will end up on Saronia. I realize how convoluted the story has become (too convoluted?) — sorry if this is the case.

      1. Complicated is the least you get when dealing with time travel stories 😀

        1. 😆indeed!

      2. For someone who was having increasingly difficult of a time keeping track, THANK YOU for the explanation!! Perhaps we could get every-so-often updates like this please? <3

  4. Okay, we know Sari learns about Tor and comes to stop him, unfortunately not before he murders Reny
    So, either Reny manages to get the information directly to Sari but gets caught in the process, or Jixy betrays her but passes on the information out of guilt when he finds out what Tor does to her corpse, or… simply looking forward to how this all pans out 😀

    1. 👍 Yes, we shall see how this pans out and I’ll be glad when this storyline is completed. The question is what will happen after that — something I’ve been struggling with — so many potential storylines — or just wrapping it up (this was originally Tirin Prime’s story and it has been kind of wrapped up)…

      1. Whatever you decide, please let us know so we can continue enjoying your work

        1. Will do 🙂

  5. By the by, the latest invotive is very good

    1. Thank you kindly!

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