Chapter 19, page 20 – Dr. Torel is so amazing!

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 20 – Dr. Torel is so amazing!

  1. Clever girl!

    1. Indeed 👍

  2. I think it was said already … C.R.E.E.P.E.R.

    Sneaking on her using cloaking techniques and probably manipulating her mind … well, serves him well.
    Time to send some proof now.

    Question is: Did the “smack” hit him by accident or did she sense the other person somehow?

    1. Good question — from the timelog, she knew where Torel typically stood or sat whenever he spied on her in the past. Reny couldn’t actually sense him — she acted on intuition and got him pretty good.

      1. Nah, she definitely didn’t know where he was prior to punching over both of her shoulders. After bonking him, then she committed to that big kick. She only knew that he likes looking down on her from behind her shoulder, the time logs gave her where to do test motions before committing. I assume her posing was to temp him into drawing closer.
        Edit. I was not meaning to reply to the author’s mysterious response, just comment on the subject

        1. 👍 perfectly explained!

  3. She shifted him right in the phase.

    Careful, child. His future self might also be in the room somewhere else, making a return visit to learn what he missed the first time, but this time his guard’s up. 🙁

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