Chapter 19, page 18 – Invasion of privacy

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 18 – Invasion of privacy

  1. Yep. It’s that time again kids—ccccrrrrrEEEEEEEpppper!

    Of course, I believe I already predicted this, but still. C. R. E. E. P. E. R.

    1. You did, but I don’t mind you reminding us ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice shirt ๐Ÿ™‚ .

    It’s these details which matter.

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ agree! thank you!

  3. Knew that creep-fuck was responsible for her parents’ murder!!!
    Kinda reminds me of another webic, where a girl was approached to join a special programme, but she refused to leave her parents, that very night… her parents were mysteriously murdered and she promptly joined to get over her grief (or because there was nothing ‘holding her back’ anymore)

    1. May ask the name of that webic?

      1. Haven’t read it years, ‘Perfect something’ (or was it ‘something Perfect’?)

  4. The place was irregularly raided by opponents of time travel, and she didn’t know who to send the information to? Give the saboteurs a scandal, and the Time Bureau would crawl over itself to throw the creep at the center of it under the bus.

  5. That guy is in seriously need of a bad ending. Although when it comes to execution I donโ€™t believe in stooping to the level of the perp. Kind of prefer one of the old Soviets methods. Take the perp out of his cell like normal, walk him down a corridor, an officer steps out of an alcove theyโ€™ve passed and shoots him in the back of the head. Or variants for that. Then again the old KGB reportedly put perceived traitors in a crematorium alive, then took them out partway through the the process to listen to their screams and as an example to others before shoving them back in.

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