Chapter 19, page 16 – Torel’s proposal

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 16 – Torel’s proposal

  1. Okay, so he’s an honest creeper? C. R. E. E. P. E. R.

    1. There is nothing ‘honest’ about him

      1. I’m from an age wherein marrying one’s sexual partner was called, “making them honest”. Waiting was called “being honest”.

        Seriously, though, of all the ways to proceed, this profession, even with the creepy-doli, is highly vulnerable.

        Unless this is his 100th time to ask her to marry him…

        Oh, and back to the basics: when it comes to time manipulation, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

        1. Good point, this indeed may be the 100th and finally she said yes — you never know with this guy…

  2. Really Torel? An offer of professional advancement tied to personal decisions? That’s just wrong!
    Relly Reny? Conflating a personally wrong decision and a professionally questionable goal? That’s just wrong!

    The expressions are awesome! I’m trying to decide what Torel’s expression in the last panel says. Maybe “She suspects something but I have to bide my time and watch her very closely to figure out exactly what it is.” Or maybe “I’m being thwarted and don’t want to show it.”
    Thank you.

    1. No, thank YOU! I am glad you got those impressions from his expression!

  3. Wait, how old is she again? Something like 17 or 18?

    1. She is eighteen here

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