Chapter 19, page 11 – Oh he likes you, Reny

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 19, page 11 – Oh he likes you, Reny

  1. Ahh… So in last week’s panel, she was suspicious/worried about what a ******** she had stepped in. Now–she knows.

    Well, better to figure out early on your first day that a month in. Especially given just what’s she’s in for.

  2. Okay, Jixy knows what Tor does to attractive female interns who ‘rub him the wrong way’ (or don’t ‘rub’ him at all). so why do they let him continue to get away with it?

    1. Some thoughts in response to your question about accountability:
      He gets away with it because there is, effectively, no oversight. He controls both the monitoring for problems (Timelog) and the method by which problems are fixed (time travel). Under “Torel’s Law” he has two hours to correct discrepancies before they become permanent and/or important enough to be reported to the Time Bureau. (I think he carefully curates the events that are reported in order to demonstrate how important and irreplaceable he is to the project.) Since he is in control of all three stages of audit – monitoring, fixing, and reporting – he has complete control. He has it set up as the ultimate personal-alert app that monitors for events / things / people that would be a problem *for him,* then he fixes the problems.

      Consider how long he got away with it – Tirinites had to develop in the far reaches of the multiverse, (they had to be outside where timelog was monitoring), before they became a force big enough to stop him, and they are still in the process of stopping him.

      1. Was kinda specifically referring to Jixy, but you explained that anyway

        Personally believe a big part of why the Tirinites struck when they did, was in response to what he did to Reny (which is probably going to be kicked off by Rennie relaying what happened {will happen?} to her to TirTeen)

        Isn’t time travel fun? 😀

  3. Seems like TopWebComics is down, and so voting isn’t available: “Server not found.”
    It’s not the link here; the failure also exists on other Web comics I follow.
    Eric Hines

  4. Wow. Reny certainly has become “Buxom” in the last couple of strips. Not complaining; just sayin’.

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