Chapter 18, page 2 – He is a time traveler! Ok, put on your pants please!

23 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 2 – He is a time traveler! Ok, put on your pants please!

  1. Emphasis on ‘not let anything’, PeeTee didn’t let Wendy die, she wasn’t in a position to do anything to stop it

    1. Agree, but that’s Salock for ya, any opprotunity to distort and incite!

  2. My wife was very well endowed before her mastectomy. She doesn’t miss them; their size gave her back aches. I don’t envy Tirin the Younger’s life now.
    Besides, she was perfectly sized before.
    Eric Hines

    1. my S.O. / partner was the same.. 48I to 46DD. (she went to C but they grew back..) o.0
      an being in the military (way back when.) she would break bras during PT sessions..

      1. @robnot: Wow! I thought that was rare! (breasts growing back)! 🤣 regarding breaking bras during PT!

    2. @E Hines: I have known a couple of people who needed breast reduction surgery for that very reason (back pain), but in Tirin’s case they are not that much bigger than before (noticeable to Tirin, but maybe not to many others). Mara the healer thinks she is doing her customers a favor by taking initiative, but she also has a special empathy skill and can sense one’s fantasy of themselves and she is proud to provide them with it — but she is also more than happy to reverse the changes if her customers demand it, which is rare. We’ll see if Tirin asks for a refund

  3. I keep saying this: when it comes to time travel, “There can only be one!” Little-ish Tir’ is playing with fire by not taking this *** of a ***** out yesterday.

  4. I’m confused. It looks to me that Little-ish Tir’ went from a D or D- to a B+. But folks are talking like she is now larger–the dialog also seems to suggest this. Of course, that hair appears to be glued in an annoying fashion to make clarify things… New vote incentive?

    1. It’s not a huge change — just a little bit more “shapely” per Mara’s tastes — but it’s funny because for some reason, the shirt she is wearing doesn’t show it (and yeah, her hair is in the way)— yes I’m working on an incentive for December 1 with the new Tirin (she’ll be wearing something a little more revealing).

      1. Can almost see them in panel five, at least enough to get an idea of the new shape

    2. That’s not “Little-ish Tir'”, that’s Tir-teen

  5. wait… there is no polka dots…..

    1. Yeah, the itsy witsy teenie weenie yellow is there, but not the polka dots…

      1. I got that reference…

  6. You don’t need to avoid him, my dear. He wouldn’t recognize you now.

  7. Nice use of the “Get Dressed” ensemble. Maybe other outfits are in the works.

    Poor Tir, mass murderers both inside and out. You’d think the old witch would understand that she’s trapped in the girl’s head, and she should be nice and helpful if she ever hopes to get out alive.
    But Tir, you don’t have to avoid Superman’s crazy uncle Tor-El. He won’t recognize you.
    (How do you guilt-trip someone over something that doesn’t even happen in this universe?)

    1. Thank you, I love that “get dressed” package! Worked out nicely for Tirin. Haha regarding Tor-El (another subconscious name I thought I created). Say, your comments never show up — I have to remove them from my comment “trash” and restore them to see them on the page. Just wondering if this is a glitch or are you deleting your comments?

      1. You might check his source URL–and Stimpy might, also. Several years ago, when I was with Comcast the first time, a few sites that hosted emailers of folks with whom I corresponded had black-listed the upper domain that included my URL. Then, though, my emails were blocked outright, not rerouted to trash or junk folders.
        You might also check your junk filters to see if your filtering might include enough of a URL to reroute his stuff.
        Eric Hines

        1. Thank you. Good points. After your comment I checked my settings for WordPress. Like you said, there is a comment filter that will trash comments automatically if it contains any words, names, URL, email, IP address or browser user agent string that is black-listed — but this was blank. There are no black-listed characters or words. There is a separate filter for spam (if comments contain 2 hyperlinks or more). And there is one for moderation (again, this is blank too). Unless there is some invisible filter that I don’t have control over?

        2. You’ve run all the things I can think of. Maybe there’s something on Stimpy’s end.
          Or maybe there’s something on either end that you and I are just too ignorant to know about.
          I know a lot of things, but a breathtakingly large fraction of that I know wrong. And there’s even more that I don’t know at all.
          Eric Hines

        3. Me too! But I do appreciate your advice and suggestions!!😃

  8. Is it me, or did Mara’s skin suddenly darken? Also, I really Love that edit clock. I enjoy being able to correct misspellings and such.

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