Chapter 18, page 3 – Torel works out why his timeline changed

15 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 3 – Torel works out why his timeline changed

  1. Awesome graphics, by the way!

    1. 🙏🙏🙏

      1. I especially appreciate the massive hanging knees and the shallow arch of the roof beams. Looks like someone’s been up to some timber framing at some time…

      2. … and OhByTheWay, the renovated Tirin is an only slightly younger version of her original self – nice work, that evolution.

        1. Thank you, Brother Parvus! Tirin’s beautiful timber framed adobe was built by two talented artists from Daz3d, Ironman and Fugazi1968.

  2. But will we be tested on it?

    1. haha! Tirin’s Trivial Pursuit!

  3. “Warian’s seminal vesicles!” Cursing for the culturally refined!

    And, I wonder where he is that he is not concerned about being overheard by others.

    1. I had a long list of refined curses for him…settled on that one 😅

    2. Quiet(ish) corner of a local tavern

  4. Join the club young Padawan Tolewan, join the club 😀

    1. 😁

  5. I am guessing he is in a localized slow-time bubble that makes everyone else in the tavern seem like they are frozen to him; while to them he is only there for an eyeblink, not even long enough to be noticed.

    The two people at his table definitely don’t seem to be aware of him, and they haven’t moved at all while he is browsing his data.

    1. I like it! 😁

    2. Different tables

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