Chapter 18, page 1 – Torel laments while Mara heals and shapes Tirin’s body

Yes, I'm using a new model for 18 year old Tirin under the auspice of Mara's healing and body shaping.  Hope you like her! 5$ Patreon rewards from October are now available in the store.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 1 – Torel laments while Mara heals and shapes Tirin’s body

  1. Nope, still not as big a PeeTee, give them time TirTeen 😀

    Wait, when did TirTeen get that ‘Cindy Crawford’ mole?

    1. when i changed her model — but within the story, it’s a side effect of her skin damage and repair. Mara’s good, but a little mole here and there will still appear. In this case, a Cindy Crawford one has shown up.

      1. Makeovers gotta be a nightmare when your family oversees planetary security. 🕵️‍♀️

        “Lyvvie, let me through! It’s me, Tirin… you know me! My father’s at work in there right now! Look, if an imposter was smart enough to imitate my voiceprint and my skull implant and my DNA hashcode, would she be stupid enough to show up with the wrong face? It’s just me with a makeover!”

        1. 🤣 That’s hilarious!

      2. That’s the great thing about this webic: you always have an in-story explanation for the appearance change 😀

  2. Rennie is going to try and ‘help’ Arsehole, isn’t she 🙁

    1. have faith in Rennie 😁

      1. Do have faith, in her compassion, also that she is still young, and can make hairbrained decisions, like when going after that youngling on her own, forgetting how protective the adults can be

        1. Yup. So true.

    2. Who knows? Maybe she will help him, by being kind to him, and he’ll change his mind about wanting to kill her. And, since this “medieval backwater (poop)hole” of a timeline is actually the prime timeline (right?), the change could ripple throughout the cloud of realities.

      1. Or, this is, as TirTeen surmised, his first time, and this is why he killed Reny in the other timeline

        He wanted to kill Rennie for some reason, but that reason may not have had anything to do with the other Reny… yet

        Fairly sure this is not the Prime Timeline, all others had already been cleared of their Tirin’s, Sari found PeeTee and Mirby in a different timeline (this line split off when PeeTee saved her dad)

        1. 👍

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