Chapter 18, page 12 – Rennie’s unexpected visitor

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 12 – Rennie’s unexpected visitor

  1. TirTeen is laying a trap… right?
    And Rennie looks more pissed off than scared in the final panel

    1. Well, he basically just said “I’m still going to end you, just not now.”

    2. We shall see! 😬

  2. I want to see a broad sword erupt from his chest, then rip out of his left side, and have a Tirinite holding the hilt.

    1. a deserving punishment!

  3. I’d kinda like to see him shrinky-dinked inside a bell jar.

    1. haha another fitting punishment

  4. Aha! A hint! It seems that Reny has a link to his home timeline. (Probably all iterations of her.)

    1. Or… he’s simply a psychotic butt-flange who hears a similar name and assumes it has to be the same person (same person who is somehow very much alive and very much younger)

      1. Well, she seems to have the immunity, which makes me wonder… does time freeze immunity require two shots 21 days apart? 💉💉😳

        1. Or… he’s simply a psychotic butt-flange and TirTeen was warned he was coming up the path and is setting a trap
          For one thing, this is Rennie, not Reny, and for another, he’s an idiot

        2. @Kylo Stimpy – five shots five days apart – but Tylenol prior to each shot avoids the side effects 😜

  5. Waitasecond. This implies that this-timeline-Rennie has the phase-shift nanos – which is why current-she is immune to the present time freeze – which implies this-timeline-she might actually be future-born, perhaps in CrazyAss’s timeline, after the development and standardization of said nanos. Perhaps there is more to current-Rennie than meets the eye.

    1. Yup! 😀

    2. Wait, if that is true, then Reny was sent back to live as Rennie (why bother changing her name at all if you are not going to change it completely?) to save her, which means, someone knows her life is at risk, which further means… it is a trap!!

      1. We shall see! (I’m working on Rennie (Reny’s) story for the near future)

        1. Looking forward to reading it 😀

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