Chapter 18, page 11

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 11

  1. Erroneous extra apostrophe in the final text blob.

    This whole scene had me in stitches, thank you xD

    1. Glad you liked it! And thank you — I’ve gotten rid of that dang apostrophe!

  2. That’s Papa Johnson: more interested in the pleasures of the mind than the pleasures of the flesh 😀

  3. Why would Billy regret getting donuts? Oh, because of what he saw? No wonder the filter looked ‘odd’ if her genital resembled a glazed donut…

    It’s a shame he will never be able to eat another without triggering PTS (no worries, more for me and Lil Tir 😀 )

    1. Yeah, his appetite was spoiled — haha yup donuts will trigger those censored scenes

      1. Just wonder how many times Lil Tir trolls Billy once she figures that out 😀
        Would have to be more than a few times 😛

  4. Poor Dabs, can’t understand how someone could be happy in a committed monogamous relationship 🙁

  5. Invotive: do Patreons get to see a naked version?

    1. Yes, the 5$ rewards this month includes some uncensored versions of Lady Arpatia

      1. Thought so, after seeing the file name 😀

  6. o.0 ,, check out the wings on her.!!

    1. haha 😍

  7. What a look on Dab’s face as she mimes Samson thrusting!

    1. Glad you liked it! 😀

  8. Just noticed panel six: is that a tattoo? Or a fabric design?

    1. Fabric design

  9. Billy is smart enough to know: the best way to stage a coup is to secretly hack the Queen’s tinder to hook up with the Emperor.

    1. 😆

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