Chapter 18, page 10 – Nanocensors can’t erase that image…

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 18, page 10 – Nanocensors can’t erase that image…

  1. I’m with Tirin here 😀 Still a weird way to have sex. The queen should except Samson from that “No touch” rule as well.

    1. She may, depending on the results of this encounter…

  2. I’ve seen (and written) way to much porn to not have a pretty good idea of what Dabney is projecting for the queen for her to be raised up that high. But where’s the background music, doing the ‘bom chicka wow-wow’?

    Also, considering that there are virtual devices now that, um, hook up and plug in, we’re at the basics of this now via technology.

    1. Haha I forgot to add the background music 🤣

  3. Damn the censors and full speed ahead!
    (I still say that Dabs appears ready to act as royal proxy, perhaps even more eagerly than merely willing.)

    1. She does seem to enjoy her position, probably because the perks that come with it are to die for

  4. Obligatory question – uncensored vote incentive? Or is this “straight to Patreon.

    1. The current $10 Patreon reward is page 1 of “What really happened during the Queen’s commemorative ritual, i.e., the uncensored stuff that was left out of Tirin’s diary.”

  5. Wait, is Lil Tir supressing laughter? Or the desire to vomit?

    1. I’ll leave it up to you to decide 😁

  6. Why does the top censor look so… wrong? Is there something wrong with Queenie’s genitals? o_O

    1. The nanoflycam has a wide margin of error for censorship.

      1. Her genitals look like they have a ‘wide margin’ 😛

  7. fyi,, panel 2 .. say , not ssy ,, as in : say something to her.. 🙂

    1. Darn! Corrected! Thank you so much! 🙏

  8. I’m astonished that none of the kids’ shoulder-goblins have shown up to heckle.You want the old witch flushed out of your head, Tir? 👳‍♀️🚽 Turn off the censors and <b>force</b> her to watch.And how can Queenie and Emperor still think like enemies? How much more alike could they be?

    1. And what if Bitchlock gets off on it? And starts doing a striptease and start fucking all the Oscars at once, without being put in the ‘backroom’?
      Not so easy to block it out if it is happening inside your head!

      1. 😂

      2. You got a point. Weird stuff happens inside my head all the time. 🤪

        1. Mine too — you see it on these pages 😜

  9. The CF doing her job too well, and the queen will want encores? Lots of them?
    Which might perturb Yritai a little bit.
    Eric Hines

    1. As long as he doesn’t actually engage she may be ok with that? or not

  10. crazy how technology do dat

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