Chapter 17, page 8 – Elevenses with the Queen, meet Isabelle

13 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 8 – Elevenses with the Queen, meet Isabelle

  1. One of the senior guards don’t seem to think much of Issie, going by panel ‘Hmmph.’

    1. I’m pretty sure that was Issie going ‘Hmmph.’ The guard behind her is simply eyeballing Issie in case an opinion might sneak out.

      1. Zack Tilly
        Tend to assign panels with descriptive names rather than numbers (so others don’t have to count to find the panel in question 😛 )

  2. You know some serious stuff is about to happen when girls in webcomics are talking about outfits! Great work on the new character (yeah druids those mean hippies).

    1. haha! Thanks!

  3. Forgot to mention how great it is to see the sniper-guards with the arrow out and ready 🙂

    Oops! The one in the corner near the door? She’s a little too close to the wall (going by the placement of the band near the end, if it matches the other end then it is sticking into the wall in panel two)
    Maybe change her angle so she has her back to the wall, that way, she can also keep an eye on the door (the other one is fine in the corner, little chance of someone sneaking up behind her)

    1. Corrected! You are so perceptive! (and I’m such a bad proofreader)

      1. Just an easy error to make, specially if you were intending to mirror the sniper-guard on our left (would still, personally, rotate her just a skosh more to her right so her feet are parallel to the wall behind her)

        Speaking of the left s-guard: what is that small square wooden door next to her? It’s not the window as that is much larger
        And surprised the door doesn’t have a dent in it (or a permanent red stain) from all the foreheads smacking into from the tall people who forget to duck (looking at you Issie)

      2. Truly hate doing this 🙁
        Further looking at the S-Guards, would it be better having the hip-quiver on the other hip, so they cross draw?
        Tried drawing from either hip and, personally, found cross-drawing to be easier (plus, it makes nocking it a smoother action)

        Just like near everything else from me, this is just POO and it would be understandable if you ignored it

        1. I’m definitely not an archery expert and would have to acknowledge your experience, but for the sake of not having to redo all of these panels, let’s say that these guards have honed their lightning-speed same-side hip drawing to perfection! Hope that is ok? 🙂

        2. I just looked at the models I am using — this particular model (the archery outfit and equipment) has the quiver restricted to the right side. That is the limitation of using pre-made models, which some may feel is too much of a limitation, but I try to make the best of it and hopefully this is acceptable. I’ve learned a little bit about creating, texturing and rigging my own 3d models, but it can be very time consuming and would make updates much more infrequent (they’re already slow at once a week). I am more interested in telling the story so I buy models created by others who are much more skilled and talented at 3d model creation.

        3. Not a problem. The story’s the thing; the visual imagery is excellent as it is in its supporting role.
          And the women are beautiful, no matter whether they dress to the right or dress to the left.
          Eric Hines

        4. Agrecian, the story was what interested me in the beginning, and kept me coming back, the visuals are just the top-dressing

          Please, don’t ever think these suggestions are orders telling you what to do
          Not an expert archer either, just, when see someone holding a weapon like the ladies are, try and replicate how it would ‘in real life’ (or, at least for me in similar position)

          Using 3D models as opposed to hand-drawing (or painting) doesn’t mean it’s easier nor quicker overall, just different (still have to position the models, and get the facials ‘right’)
          Personally can’t even draw stick figures, can at least appreciate the time and effort involved

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