Chapter 17, page 9

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  1. Careful what you suck up for.
    You might get it, good and hard.
    Eric Hines

    1. Indeed, especially the ire of others who had been sucking up for years

  2. Wait, isn’t that the sort of thing that got Dabs exiled for 12 years to a cave?

    Speaking of Dabs… where is she? Or is she already there?

    1. Dabney was exiled because the Queen wanted her to impersonate her in order to seal a very important trade deal with King Toushan (“seal” not meaning a simple handshake in this situation). Dabney took it upon herself to “seal” the deal without following the Queen’s orders exactly… (detailed in the 5 page story “Consummation of the King and the Doppleganger” which can be found in the Merceneiress store — sorry shameless plug)

      Because Dabney and company beguiled the Emperor of the Universe for the benefit of Saronia (to avoid future invasion / exploitation of Sarona), the Queen is grateful.

      1. Isn’t it also illegal for a Vay to have sex with a non-Vay?

        Fairly sure commented at the time how Dabs was gonna get fucked no matter what she did
        Dabs still got the King to sign the deal, didn’t she?

        1. Yes, that is why the Queen felt she could not violate such a law, but it was ok for Dabney to do it (she was going to give Dabney a pardon for it)

        2. What happened to the pardon?
          Or did she not get the pardon because she didn’t actually sleep with the King? (which totally makes Vay-sense: because Dabs didn’t actually violate Vay-laws by sleeping with an alien, she can’t be pardoned, unfortunately, she technically disobeyed orders from her Queen so must be punished)

  3. That Elite Guard really doesn’t seem to like Issie, she looks like she would be happy to ‘pat’ her on the back, with her right hand (without emptying first) 😛

    1. Yup. Her amusement is at the expense of Isabelle’s shock/pain

  4. I love Abby’s expression in panel 7 after being offered Prime Minister. Her upper lip seems to pull down to her chin, and you can almost hear her thinking “Oh my god, what have I done?”

    1. Yes, wanted to express that thought without using words, glad you liked it.

      1. Once again, Mirby is the Rubber-Faced Queen of Expressions (is she any relation to Jim Carrey?) 😀

  5. The vote incentive looks like Tirin is doing “the tuck”

    1. I know, for some reason it renders like that. I was thinking of changing it / photoshopping it, but I left it…

  6. Is ‘drank’ the correct word in the first panel? She hasn’t actually drunk any yet, has she?
    It’s one of the annoying words: can be both past and future tense
    You drank the drink in the past; you drink the drink in the present; you drunk the drink in the future

    If it’s fine, just ignore, just looked ‘weird’ to me this morning

    1. You are absolutely right! It should be I have never drunk wine before. Dang it! Thank you!

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