Chapter 17, page 7 – Mistress splats

17 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 7 – Mistress splats

  1. Did you just fake all of us out? I think you did.

    Rennie is vocalizing all of our thoughts on this matter.

    1. I thought she would 🙂

      1. Well, a Chekhov’s Fizzle is certainly a novel way to close off a story arc.

        1. Indeed, but the arc isn’t closed just yet

  2. Regarding the invotive: “Sorry to disturb you, room service sent me to *looks down at piece of paper* ‘fluff your pillows’. *looks up at the barrel* I’m being pranked, aren’t I?”

    1. That’s a good one

  3. Got a feeling, whatever is with Rennie’s headache isn’t because of the poison 🙁

    Are we going to find out who her parents are (or were)? Not expecting to know right away, just… eventually

    1. We’ll eventually learn about Rennie but might be awhile…we’ll see…

      1. Have no problems waiting 😀

  4. Wait, that third girl in panel three, the one in the back, have we seen her before? o_O
    There’s something about her facial markings…

    1. I didn’t intend her to be anyone special, but since you brought it up…

  5. Schrodinger’s Salock, heh heh

    1. Yes! We shall see if that box is opened in the future

  6. Salock’s plan to inhabit Grace,was foiled before she leap by the Queen . She did take little T’s observation to heart.

    1. definitely a possible explanation, we shall see…

  7. Don’t wear white to a splatting.

    1. This deserves some sort of a commemorative award.

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