Chapter 17, page 4

Hello everyone, I messed up royally ---I was fooling around with plugins on my site and deleted the theme of the website (there is no "undo" button for this) ---  I was lucky I backed up my website but the last backup was January 23rd.   So I lost all of your wonderful comments for pages 3-5 :(

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  1. Salvaged comments from my email (I love your comments!)

    Guesticus: Is there a reason Not-so Lil Tir is against magic?

    Lurker314: Well, the glowing eyes say that these are magical beasts.  That could spell trouble, so to speak. More likely, Tir is teaching her protege’ how to make it on her own, and you don’t learn that by having all of your problems handled the easy way.

    E Hines: Indeed. Never pass up a chance to teach going manual. That’s always available, even when other systems are failing; but that also requires even more extensive training than do those other systems.
    Eric Hines

    Guesticus: No, doing it ‘manual’ (believe you meant ‘melee’?) when facing three dangerous critters is a recipe for pain (to you, not them) That’s like being in a tank and facing a horde of hostiles, and the commander saying “Everyone out, we are going to fight them with our fists!”

    E Hines: No, I meant what I wrote. Staying wholly dependent on other systems is a recipe for disaster. Sort of like being in a tank and facing a horde of hostiles, and the computers fail.
    Eric Hines

    Merceneiress: There is a reason (in future pages)

    Guesticus: If the computers fail, nothing will work And from what EnElleTea is saying: they do still have magic, there is just a reason (that we will be told later) why she doesn’t want to use it Use what you got until you don’t got it no more! If you wait to use it at a later time, there may not be a ‘later time’

    E Hines: If the computers fail, nothing will work
    Hence the need to go manual. And keep in mind, if Lurker314 is right, the best Tirin the Younger’s and her apprentice’s magic can accomplish is to neutralize the goggies’ magic. In a manual fight, too, LtY and App have them badly outgunned. They were born with 10 weapons each, and they’re bigger, faster, stronger except around the mouth, and smarter. And they have swords, which if they’ve trained properly will complement those 10 rather than interfere with them. All the goggies have is their horns, teeth, and strong jaws.
    Eric Hines

    Guesticus: Which is why said there had to be a reason why they are not using magic, because we have seen how powerful Lil Tir was, and that was before she really started training So, something happened between the Hung Cliff and now to have her reach for a sword (rather than a conveniently stashed firearm of some sort), and, as Merceneiress said, we will find out in future pages 🙂

    Merceneiress: That’s right…

    fjames56: I really like the look of this Tirin the best

    Merceneiress: Glad you like her!  In future pages we will continue to see pre-teen Tirin, then 14-15 year old Tirin and this current Tirin (18 year old).  At least, if everything goes according to plan, we’ll see all of them.

    Guesticus: All four at once? o_O Would the universe survive? O_o

    Merceneiress: Not at the same time, but that spurs some ideas…

    Guesticus: Knew what you meant 🙂
    Just, with this whole Time Travel business, would have been fun to see them all meet up, maybe for a Friday lunch date (would be difficult to avoid spoilers though 😛 “Had my first date with *insertname* last week.” “Oh, yes, he was nice.” “‘Was’? What do you mean ‘was’? Did he go crazy like *insertothername*?” “Oops! That’s not what I meant, but can’t say any more.”)
    Billy expressly not invited 😛

    Ganurath: It seems that even on a world that’s matriarchal to the point of male enslavement, horndogs bother the ladies.

    D.D.D. Destroyer: I’ll be that guy, sorry – typo in the first speech bubble, the right spelling is “marauder” 🙂

    E Hines: Maybe, maybe not. Different timeline, different species. Eric Hines

    Merceneiress: Gah!  I’m glad you’re that guy — while I can save myself by taking E Hines’s advice, I did actually mean marauder.  I will change it soon.  Thank you!  and please keep pointing out mistakes (I am so bad at proofreading my own stuff)

    Lurker314: “I’m terribly disappointed in myself…”

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