Chapter 17, page 5

Hello everyone, I messed up royally ---I was fooling around with plugins on my site and accidentally deleted the theme of the website (there is no "undo" button for this) ---  I was lucky I backed up my website but the last backup was January 23rd.   So I lost all of your wonderful comments for pages 3-5 :(

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  1. I salvaged the comments from my emails:

    Lurker314: Oh, wait. There’s only three of them! This shouldn’t be too bad, just make sure you don’t get bitten.

    Huh? You DID get bitten? Umm. Yeah. That’s bad.

    Guesticus: Please don’t let this be the end of her, we only just met her 🙁

    Mysto: Wow, that’s a pretty darn big blade to be swinging in one hand.. the grip looks to be about 2 sizes too large to be comfortable.

    Guesticus: Plus, it’s almost as big a she is!
    Just goes to show: she’s stronger than she looks

    robnot: it’s called a bastard (broadsword) sword,, it’s a cross of a arming sword (typical) an a long sword.. and it is not as heavy as most think..  it’s use was mainly one hand, but big enough to use power strokes (two hands)..

    Mysto: A blade the width and thickness of the one pictured would be far too heavy to wield effectively in one hand. It looks like it might weigh almost 10 pounds; a real bastard sword weighs maybe four or thereabouts.

    That little gal must be way stronger than she looks if she’s able to one-hand it well.

    I’m mostly commenting on the size of the grip, which seems way too thick for her hand. The whole hilt and grip should probably be about maybe 2/3 the size IMO.

    Guesticus: Yeah, figured you were referring to the hilt
    It’s possible it was crafted for someone bigger, or it’s something she was intended to ‘grow’ into (let’s go with that, to save Merceneiress having to change it 😀 )

    Guesticus: Another name for it was a ‘two-and-a-halfer’ because, as you said, it could be wielded one or two handedly

    One reason it was called a ‘bastard’ sword, was because it was, you guessed it, a right bastard of a sword to effectively wield (and opponents of the wielder would often cry out, with their dying breath: “You bastard!” 😛 )

    A ‘long-sword’ was simply any sword over a certain length. And a ‘broad-sword’ was any over a certain width
    Oh, and one thing? Don’t ever believe anyone claiming a Claymore did not have an edge (even some Scots believe that rubbish). Without an edge, it’s simply a fancy steel-bar with a handle. And while it was heavy enough you could whack someone with the side of the blade and still kill them, it was possible to hew someone near in half using the edge

    Merceneiress: Haha!  Yes, let’s say that it was inherited and she was expected to “grow” into it.

    Guesticus: 😀 Plenty of swords have been heirloom and passed down the generations
    Might seem a little ‘odd’ for her to be training with that blade rather than a smaller one and work her way up, except by working with it everyday (and hopefully alternating carrying it in both arms… for obvious reasons), by the time she ‘graduates’ it will feel like almost nothing to her

    robnot: first im guessing he (Merc) used stock photos..)
    second it is a real sword , i have one , different crossguard tho..  an weights just under 5 lbs..
    an yes, it was a poor design that got demoted to a training blade,, the handle causes you hold it just so,, which improves your control.. also @Guesticus , yes, we use the bigger , heaver blade for practice an training so as to grow stronger, also improves finite control..
    finally, im not much bigger than them (5’2″ , 157.5cm an 100lbs , 45.4kg).. just saying..

  2. robnot didn’t say (or mean to imply) that that wasn’t a real sword, just that the names are not correct: ‘long sword’ and ‘broad sword’ is simply a descriptive name, like ‘falchion’ or ‘gladius’

  3. After all, the comic’s the thing.
    Likely we’ll survive the loss of our natterings.
    Eric Hines

    1. One webic only keeps it’s comments for a single page

    2. I love your natterings!

      1. Shame some authors are so far up their own arsehole they can’t abide anyone having a differing opinion (fortunately, only encountered one… so far)

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