Chapter 17, page 3 – Rennie’s rarithok surprise

Hello everyone, I messed up royally ---I was fooling around with plugins on my site and deleted the theme of the website (there is no "undo" button for this) ---  I was lucky I backed up my website but the last backup was January 23rd.   So I lost all of your wonderful comments for pages 3-5 :(

One thought on “Chapter 17, page 3 – Rennie’s rarithok surprise

  1. Tried to salvage the comments from my emails (I love your comments!):

    ems: I would love to get my hands on a Saronian cooking book. Demon on a stick with pineapple sauce. Yummy.

    Myk Streja: Is mama gonna come looking for her child soon?

    Mysto: ..probably. They’d better get ready.

    Guesticus: “… it still counts … doesn’t it? Because I’m a youngling as well.”

    Guesticus: Regarding the invotive: Dabs’ outfit is lovely, would like a real-life version 😀
    Is Dabs supposed to be shade of green? Not meaning to be rude, just never noticed before

    Guesticus: Might just be the lighting, looks a little more ‘green-toned’ than ‘grey-toned’, at least in the invotive, butt, again, probably just the lighting: Grey (Tirin), Purple (Mirby) & Green (Dabs)

    Not ‘Incredible Hulk’ green

    E Hines: She looks a bit brownish–normal–in my Firefox browser, kind of a mix of Hispanic and Filipina (which makes her eyes even more startling and cool), which seems the way the model renders this color.
    Eric Hines

    Guesticus: Oooo, just spotted a typo in the last panel: Breaskfast

    Merceneiress: oops!!! Thank you!

    Guesticus: Greyish, maybe (not the same as Tirin), butt not brown Just tried in Firefox, and it looks the same a in IE
    Again, not a big deal, just wondering

    Merceneiress: Wasn’t meant to be green. Checked the actual file to see if there was any green colors in the skin materials.

    Guesticus: Just went back to last chapter to check Dabs’ colouration, and she seemed ‘normal’, butt Mrby was a little more ‘blue’ than ‘purple’, so just going to pass it off as the lighting giving her a healthy green-tone 😀

    Guesticus: Probably, might also explain why Tirin looks ashen and Mirby a softer purple

    Brother Parvus: s/k/t/ and you have one of my favorite morning snax.

    Guesticus: Showed the image to someone else, and, once she figured out what she was looking at, she agreed that Dabs is a little green

    Again, not a big deal, just means there is something weird with the monitor

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