Chapter 17, page 2 – Maximus Clifferow does the honors

14 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 2 – Maximus Clifferow does the honors

  1. it is said that in such moments one can experience very lucid and powerful recollections of major life events. Or she is calling Tirin to the rescue. We’ll find out in the next update. Anyway, good to see you’re back!!

    1. Why would Tirin, either one, help Bitchlock? o_O

      If anything, both would be at the bottom, sitting in deck chairs, eating popcorn

      1. Younger Tirin might help her, due to a prior implanted directive.

        That said, she could just be commenting on who she’s seeing sitting near the bottom, just out of the splash zone, in a deck chair, eating popcorn. Given the circumstances, I can forgive her for forgetting to use the proper pluralization.

        1. Doubt Bitchlock knows that there is two Tirin, at best, she ‘knows’ about time travel, certainly not how it works

    2. Thank you!

  2. Hope it is not a Place Changing Spell….

  3. Interesting that Salock is missing an incisor or two. Is that what she transferred? Some bit of her into which she can transfer that which she uses for a soul at the moment surrounding impact and before her current body’s death? From that, her child apprentice could resurrect her, and “Tirin” is just a code word. Or perhaps Tirin the Younger is the proximate victim of the transfer/resurrection, and the reputational damage done by that is why she’s in the wilderness with an archive she wouldn’t wish on her own apprentice….
    Eric Hines

    1. Did you forget that Mirby punched the youth out of her?

    2. Good point regarding the incisors—originally that was from Abby’s beating — but I like your ideas…

      1. Chapter 16, page 29–that’s just a broken tooth. Now it looks completely missing. The broken-off piece also could have been recovered by Salock or her minion, if it were necessary–just like I recovered my front teeth, without magic for a tractor beam, after my father knocked them out and still got my two quarters for them.
        Eric Hines

  4. Woulda been funner if Maxi kicked her off of Cliff

    Speaking of… if you are able to change the word on the pillars, maybe change it to ‘RICHARD’ 😀

    1. Good point regarding kicking. Hmm. I don’t have enough magic ability to change the word! 🙂

      1. No worries, just would have been a bit of a visual pun 😀

  5. Bitchlock is trying to change places with Tirin like she did before.

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