Chapter 17: Death by Cliff(erow)

18 year old Tirin continues to tell her Tollewon, Rennie, her story.  We learn what happens in the aftermath of Salock’s trial and sentencing.  Tirin Prime and Sariel make their exit, leaving little Tirin, Billy, Samson and Yritai to fend for themselves on Saronia.

23 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Death by Cliff(erow)

  1. If those are Elder Futhark on the cairns… D… A or F… Z… þ is TH… N-R-E-E-D.

    I don’t think it’s Elder Futhark.

    1. Or, they are not in English (or the author simply typed 😛 )

      1. Two other possibilities are 1) “Kilroy was here” or 2) a copyright notice — no other execution grounds of exactly this design may be made.

        1. Haha! I like copyright notice (death cliff copyright of the Queen)

        2. I’d say it’s more of a “This death brought to you in part by Daz 3D”

        3. 😀🤣 I think you’re right!

      2. I goofed. What I thought was an N was an H. Still gibberish, though, to the point where it can’t be pronounced. Dazthhreed at the most generous. That, or Dfzthhreed.

        1. This was something I couldn’t change on the model to make any sense…

    2. Daz 3D is the free version of Daz Studio, a 3D scene creation, rendering, and animation application. I’m guessing the model for those pillars was a free one on their website, and that the inscription is a clever advertisement.

  2. Death is good. We like death.

  3. Amusing would be Samson with his sniper rifle on one of the other clifftops to make sure she’s dead before she hits the ground.

    1. NO,, an Yes.!! at that range , a falling shot would be nigh impossible.. BUT. After ,, after she hit the ground.! because before you are interrupting the ceremony.. and hit with a explosive round (or similar) so as no body to recover.!!

      1. Nigh impossible isn’t impossible; therefore possible.
        Still, after her body hits, and lies there long enough to realize it’s hit and the damage done by the impact. Don’t want to deny her body the pleasure of knowing it’s dying.
        Or the queen her pleasure.
        Yritai needs to be on the look out for the wannabe, which is where Salock actually resides, currently.
        Eric Hines

  4. Page name, nice one 😀

    1. Thanks, more on the name in the next page

      1. Was referring to the page name, not the Chapter name

  5. Welcome back.
    Eric Hines

    1. Thanks, glad to be back!

  6. Spectacular page-work!

    1. Thank you!

  7. The layers of precautions necessary before attempting an execution of a master sorceress are substantial. And do not permit giving them time & space to fly or any such nonsense.

    Even if this were not a story, NO WAY do I permit an execution to go down with this. In a story like this, we’re practically in a “There is no WAY X is going to happen” situation. I would be shocked if she died in the next ten pages.

    1. Oh no, she die, she just doesn’t stay die

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