Chapter 16, page 39 – Story time is over for now, Rennie

Hello!  I am going to take a little break after this week.  New Merceneiress pages should arrive in mid or late January (or sooner, depending on how things go in the next couple of weeks).  I will be pausing Patreon for the month of January also (current patrons will not get charged for January and will still have access to all previous content, but there will be no new content for January).  If you are thinking about becoming a patron (yay if you are!), I would recommend waiting until February.  Even though January will be paused, Patreon says new members who join in January will get charged.  You will get access to a ton of content from the past 2 years, but there will not be any new content for the month of January. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

26 thoughts on “Chapter 16, page 39 – Story time is over for now, Rennie

  1. Lovely time-skip, can’t wait to find out what happened as a result of Bitchlock meeting Cliff 😀

  2. Enjoy your vacation (I hope it IS vacation, not some horrifying sort-trouble-out stuff).

    Nice glimpse into young Tirin’s future. She’s totally right in the last panel, though. Some people really should be happy having a boring life without up’s and down’s (especially the down’s).

    1. Just remember: Master Tirin (to differentiate from PeeTee) has basically lived two lifetimes, and the first was not a pleasant one, and we have yet to see how Mini Tee grew up to become Master Tirin and what she went through

      Speaking of, don’t see any of PeeTee in Master Tirin, not sure if that is just because it is a different model (and you have always had a good in-story reason for the changes), or if it is because her experiences ‘changed’ her

      1. 18 year old Tirin is the same model for adult Tirin, but with “youth” modification to make her 18.

        1. Might be the hair, butt don’t see it, so probably a problem from this end 😛

    2. Thank you — a bit of vacation to combat burnout and to just take care of business and family stuff…

  3. Taking time out over the holidays is a healthy thing to do, and this is as great a hanger of Cliff as any 😀

    1. Thank you. I may use that as the title for the next chapter (hanger of cliff) haha 🙂

  4. Couple things.

    One bit of trivium: in the last panel, it seems those are tall heels for a young huntress-to-be to be wearing on a soft forest floor.
    One important item: Merry Christmas, and I hope the coming year brings you much happiness and prosperity
    Eric Hines

    1. That’s why she is a Tollewon 😀

    2. Thank you! Happy New Year to you and everybody else! Those heels are special “forest edition” heels.

  5. …How much of this was to set up a cliffhanger pun?

    1. Heehee!

  6. “Death by cliff” …ok I get it now.

    Hm. If younger Tirin is supposed to be a powerful sorceress, what’s with the barbarian getup and sword?

    ..or is this some different timeline?

    Oh and have a nice holiday. 😉

    1. Saronia always was a little ‘backwards’ in some respects, even though they had high tech stuff like spaceships and ‘laser’ rifles they kept the rest of things ‘low tech’ (or at least hidden behind a low tech façade)

      As for what happened in the intervening (eight? ten?) years, we will have to wait until next year to see how Cliff survived his hanging 😛

    2. There will be a story on that (why the warrior garb instead of sorceress garb). Hopefully if I get there!

      1. Whenever you get there, we will be waiting 😀

      2. Maybe personality and character traits are constant across timelines. Warrior-ness fits the Tirin line better than sorcerer-ness. It’d be interesting to see how Tirin the Younger arrives at her decision, how much she continued to practice her sorcerer skills that she’d acquired from Salock, how much she’s blended her two sets of skills–and from whom she gained her warrior skills.
        On that last, it’d be interesting to see if she challenged Felina to be her sensai–and how much of Felina’s priesthood training bled through the convince her to accept.
        Generating a new timeline from a new node would seem to mitigate against any effort to train with Tirin the Elder.
        Eric Hines

        1. Everything is depending on Cliff, and what Bitchlock does
          We have just one scene from at least four to six years in the ‘future’, we don’t even know what planet they are on, or if Saronia remained at its previous level of tech or if Emperor Dickless nuked it back to the Iron Age

  7. Re: Invotive
    Ooo, the return of the Rapture 1000 😀
    And no Dabs, it’s not like your old washing machine, now get off before you ‘get off’

    1. Also, Mirby is thinking: “I’m going to shove that thumb where it rhymes!”

  8. Ah, my young Padawa…TOLLEwan! Tollewan! Not that trademarked thing from the House of Mouse, no, really! DON’T KILL ME!!!

  9. “Go to sleep, or I’ll put you to sleep…”

  10. If I toll’e’one, I toll’e’tousand time — GO TO SLEEP !

  11. Uh, that’s not how it works, Tirin. The Queen told Salock to figure out how to perform a spell, she didn’t tell her to murder children to accomplish it.

    And even if she had, “I was just following orders” isn’t a valid defense.

  12. “Fair” is for children’s games.
    It’s not something that exists in the adult world.
    If you find yourself in a position of power and authority and it allows you the rare opportunity to be “fair” now and then? More power to you, but expecting that from others, or the universe as a whole, is childishness writ large.

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