Chapter 16, page 38

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  1. Salock is Machiavelli’s prince reincarnated.

    1. Indeed!

  2. The more hear Queenie speak, the more want to see her join Bitchlock in eternal death

    She most certainly would have accepted the ‘gift’, and simply turned a blind eye to how it was gained, just at her attitude regarding reporting problems

    1. Yup…

      1. well I assume any life would work as the energy source. and you are in a world where once guilty death or being forced to kill other guilty is considered normal.

        so likely if presented at all, it would have been presented with the idea of using it as a form of execution. or at least a hidden part of it.

  3. Realizing a need for more resources, Salock’s magical failsafe attempts to gain control of a gullible soul by reaching through the fourth wall with offers of $10,000 US. To get your free money just click on the (soul)link.

    (please feel free to delete this comment when you delete that other post)

    1. Haha! I’m keeping your comment.

  4. With her choosing “Death by cliff” she could arrange a rescue once she jumps over the cliff. Of course, her highness will have to carry out the sentence immediately for that to not happen.

    1. We shall see…

  5. She carefully did not choose Death by Bunjie.
    Eric Hines

  6. I have to wonder, though, whether Cliff might be a hunk….
    Eric Hines

    1. True 😀

    2. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that, Cliff.”

      1. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that to Cliff.”
        Eric Hines

  7. Later that day, the Queen arranged for a cliff to collapse on Salock.

    1. Added bonus: no need to pay for a burial 😛

  8. Have just realized what this reminds me of: when Flinn was captured and was being sentenced and how Emperor Dickless reacted

  9. It was plans for her escape. If I interpret “death by cliff” correctly, she will be hucked off a cliff to fall to her doom. Being a magic world I could likely be wrong, Cliff could be another ogre like the guy standing behind her. Just one she is partial to.
    I figure she gave the guard, the keys to her personal flyer, and a note saying something to the effect of “when I jump swoop in and catch me we will fly off to __(random safe location here)__.” Or “off to the Empire.”
    OR there is portal magic she could just have her open a portal and fall through like rick and morty do.

    1. Might be on to something
      There is definitely a connection to what Bitchlock handed to Afro-dome and her choice of death, Mini Tee just has to figure it out in time (or, just use Time 😛 )

  10. The Queen is nothin’ but HOT!

    1. 😂👍

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