Chapter 17, page 32

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  1. Hm. I wonder if Salock doesn’t inflict that “side effect” on purpose just to punish Tirin for imprisoning her.

    1. Yes, and also she’s just got such a corrosive personality 😜

      1. She’s also a pervert

    2. Avatar


      Salock hates clothes, but kept the armbands, knee pads, and garter.
      For what sinister purpose did she save these garments?
      What else did she do while she possessed Tirin? Maybe she mind controlled Rennie!
      And can Oscar see what’s going on while Tirin is unconscious?

      1. All good questions 🙂

      2. just my 2 cents..
        Mage,. she hates Armor not clothes..
        garments,. least amount she could keep,, an not get reprisals from the duo..
        (“garter”, looks to be a dagger or a small pouch.)

        see,. i would say yes.!

        1. Your 2 cents are worth a lot…😀 Magic users don’t like armor. Oscar does see, so Mistress can’t do too much (lest she incurs the wrath of Oscar…)

  2. ough.. just had a thought .. how bad it would be ,, or messed up.. that Tirin would willingly let mistress Salock take control.!! (( “oh for the love of..” “Mistress.” ” you have full control, ‘for 8 hours’ if you deal with this (insert expletive.) NOW.!”..)) o.0

    1. Oooh (thoughts churning…) 💡

    2. You sure TirTeen and Oscar could regain control after those 8 hours are up? o_O

      1. ..that was the point… Tirin would be so pissed that she would willing do this, knowing she has to fight Salock, up hill both ways in the snow… (or what she would do in the 8 hours..)

  3. Okay, so call me as dense as depleted Dilithium, but eventually I can be taught.
    The layering, arcs, and sub-plots in this fantastic tome are as convoluted as if Fibonacci and Mendelbrot got together for drinks with MC Escher …
    I get it now.
    Carry on …

    1. Thank you, one of the most flattering comments ever (would never have thought any of those three to be mentioned in the same context as this comic )🙏🙏🙏

  4. In panels five and six, the straps of TirTeen’s bra are missing, had been wondering how the cups were staying on, and, looking back, could see them in panel three

    1. I knew something was off (literally!) 🤣 Thank you!! corrected

      1. ugh,, under wire.. an you fixed that too.. (was in panel 6.)

      2. The wire clips were better.
        Although the flak jacket strap is more practical.
        Eric Hines

        1. wire clips.. you have never worn a bra… underwire or wire clips are an abomination.. uncomfortable,, painful,, an just don’t fit the girls right… (one size fits none.!)

  5. Fire and wind, girl! Team up with Oscar and punish the wicked witch for that stunt! Teach her the meaning of “consequences”! She may be an old dog, but it’s high time she learned that trick!

    Also, check the expiration date on the antidote bottle.

    1. 😂👍👍

  6. She looks Damn Good in her underwear!!!!

    1. in chapter 21 you’ll see her without it (and with better skin) 😁

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