Chapter 17, page 33 – Exorcism interruptus

13 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 33 – Exorcism interruptus

  1. Welp. Now we know whose fault it is that the exorcism failed…


    1. Yup, Felina

    2. @Lurker314: I loved your comment and added the new title to this page 😅

  2. Way to go Billy 😛

    1. Billy, Billy, Billy…even his figment companion has to shake her head, but I agree — Go Billy! 🤣

  3. kinda surprised Tirin is not in on the “Awkward”…

    1. You’re right — new panel added!😀

      1. not,, not what i expected.!! but still “perfect.” 🙂

  4. Cereally Felina? You couldn’t have waited for a <I>more</I> awkward time? Like… state dinner with her Madge

    1. Ooh that would have been something to see 🤣

  5. I mean, you can’t blame them for getting distracted. You’d be hard pressed to find a planet with women that were harder up for details on true, bonifide love-making. (not just their usual stories of screwing the help)

    Heck, even Salock is probably curious. xD

    1. Well said!

  6. Nice to know the Vays are capable of having sex as more than a convenience for reproduction, or lust.

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