Chapter 17, page 17 – Life’s a bitch, especially if you’re a lich!

18 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 17 – Life’s a bitch, especially if you’re a lich!

  1. I wonder which part of Saronian lore requires execution victims to wear funny green hats? Quite understandable she’s angry. Green does not seem to be her favorite color at all.

    1. Hmmm, maybe it’s too dark to tell — she’s not wearing a hat, that’s her head (left part of her head has decayed significantly). Her whole body has turned a sickly green from the decay (but hard to see since she is still wearing her armor dress). I’ve lightened up the images on this page as well as the previous page to show this more. Sorry if this was not apparent before.

  2. A rotting corpse covered in…worms.Maybe the object transfer wasn’t from Salock to Grace but from Grace to Salock. Surely the Vays <i>purloined letters</i>. Or at least a couple of them do/did.Eric Hines

    1. Hmm….Can’t edit my own comment anymore.Some punctuation wants some correction.Eric Hines

      1. That’s strange. Not sure what happened?

  3. It might be possible that Grace herself is the phylactery? ..or that it still might even be little Tirin?

    1. Thought it was Lil Tir as well, it being Grace though? Could explain her near-vegetative state. That’s what usually happens when a lich uses a living vessel for their phylactery (the ‘host’ can’t handle having two entities in the same mind)

  4. ..That glow when Tirin’s leg was touched is suspicious.

  5. I see the phylactery and I know wherefore it got there.

    1. Lil Tir’s boot?

  6. Just wondering if it is significant that Lil Tir’s left pant leg is shorter exposing her ankle, or if that is an art error?

    1. It is a strange quirk of the pants — I can’t figure it out. But then I left it — I remember as a kid, wearing quirky clothes that I was told to wear by mom even if there were strange defects — so I figured Tirin didn’t care and wore the quirky pants — ended up being convenient. 😀

      1. So, an art error you took advantage of, sign of a great artist 😀

  7. Heh, Bitchlock looks like she has a clown-nose in panel six 😀

    1. That’s her right eyeball hanging there. 😖

      1. Yup, you got it! 🤢

        1. Oh, can see the nerve dangly-bit now (still say it looks better as a clown nose 😛 )

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