Chapter 17, page 16 – Felina? and a twitch

16 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 16 – Felina? and a twitch

  1. Aww crap, it moved!

    Why would Mirby cast something as low-level (and highly fallible) as ‘Decay Acceleration’ instead of ‘Obliteration’? o_O

    1. Because the Vay priestesses wouldn’t let her — it would’ve violated Mistress’s right to die by cliff (having her body smashed and left to rot was the official sentence) 😅

  2. Nice invotive, Lambo and now an Avanti (isn’t that a type of bicycle? 🤔)

    1. I meant Avantador, but when I’m naming my files I take liberties 😁

      1. I knew a man who had a Studebaker Avanti – basically a Lark with a fancy body, and no performance enhancements to the suspension. It cornered like any other terrestrial barge.

        1. Ahh, that is why Yritai has to do some major tweaking to it 😃

        2. Did you mispronounce “twerking”?

        3. No, but now that you mentioned it, that too 😂

        4. Major? That thing looks so entirely I had No idea that is what it was. Then again, I street raced against the 1963-64 supercharged model. I would only run against them like on a short run of 4-lane highway with 180 degree turns about a half mile apart. They could not brake or turn. Suckers for a 289, 64 1/2 Mustang.

        5. The Lark was a Chrysler product. The Avanti was a 2 seater, and you could get them with a V8 with twin super chargers. They handled better that a Corvette of the time.

      2. Was just checking, don’t really know much about cars

  3. “twitch” Is this really a big surprise? Salock has the knowledge and power to create a lich and imprison it in a crypt, repeatedly for the Redemsis(?) trial. With the hint that time can be manipulated, and the ambition to live forever, is it really a surprise that she would cast a lich making spell on herself? Execution by cliff generally would keep the body in one piece, especially with the rule that the body may not be disturbed afterward, unlike, say, beheading. (Decay acceleration wouldn’t “disturb” the body.)

    1. Fairly sure Vaygol wasn’t created by Bitchlock

      1. I wasn’t sure. Thank you.

  4. Bullocks! This is a bad cliffhanger.How can I survive this up to the next sequel? 😒

    1. 😅

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