Chapter 17, page 18

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  1. Is that the same actress playing Felina in the invotive?
    Looks kinda different

    1. I knew you’d notice. Yup, Felina is an upgraded model. I wanted to use the old model but was getting a lot of glitches when trying to fit the outfit on her (and the hair) and I couldn’t solve the glitches so I had to upgrade.

      1. Actually like this actressWill there be an in-world explanation on why she looks different? Like with the PeeTee’s?

        1. After Felina helped out Tirin, Abby and friends, she wanted to make up for her treasonous ways and vowed not to squander the second chance given to her. She devoted herself to her Queen and the new Prime Minister, Abby. As part of her new image, she had a magic makeover so that she could look herself in the mirror everyday and feel empowered to live a new life the best way she can.

        2. :thumbsup:

  2. Out of the two stooges, always liked Afro-dome more than Zit-face, hope she makes it out of this okay 🙁

  3. My wife’s comment about Grace’s outfit in the last panel is that it needs a lot of double sided tape. I assured her that not all clothing choices are impractical … but it is the story that keeps me reading.

    1. 😂 Gorilla heavy duty double sided tape!

      1. Nah. No tape at all. Let the…chips…fall where they may.Eric Hines

        1. Besides, tape is hard on the skin.Separately, it’s the EDIT button that’s missing from the timestamp line of my comments.Eric Hines

  4. WordPress was updated recently — can’t figure out how to allow user comment editing again…

  5. I’ve added a simple plug in that allows users to edit their comments (but it has to be done within 5 minutes of posting it)

    1. That’s the same time limit WSJ imposes. It’s not the end of the world.Eric Hines

      1. Can’t use “<b></b>”, but can use “em” “/em” . Just need to learn the new tag regime.And find out what a carriage return/new line looks like. Also not the end of the world.Eric Hines

  6. Sigh… They grow up so fast.

    1. 😂

    2. Let’s hope they continue to grow

    3. Thank heaven… for little girls…

      1. … that become big girls … with bumps.

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