Chapter 17, page 13 – Is that Grace?

15 thoughts on “Chapter 17, page 13 – Is that Grace?

  1. Is she blaming Tirin? Or warning her?

  2. Ooo, you updated the Goodies Banner 😀
    Knew should have saved the static one when had the chance 😛

    1. You also updated the Header Banner, unfortunately, can’t save it as it is an HTML file 🙁

      1. Maybe take a screenshot of it? If you have a MAC you could press Command-Shift-4 and drag over the section you want.

        1. Okay, that should work, just need a few more days to get better before attempting anything like that

        2. Oh no, are you ok?

        3. Getting better, no idea what it was other than not Corona nor Salmonella (unless you can catch that from a packet of Ready Salted potato crisps)

          A recurrence of something that struck about a month ago, just a little more ‘oomph’ this time
          When a doctor saw me for a previous incidence (after waiting for three hours because stupidly went via taxi), they said it was ‘abdominal gas’ (without explaining how gas got in to that cavity)

          Started lower intestinal area as usual, figured a few hours of discomfort, sleep should deal with that, spent most of the first day vomiting. Second day, the intestinal pain had moved to the right and felt like cracked lower rib and pulled muscle
          Just spent the next couple days trying to sleep and getting sick of the taste of Gaviscon Dual Action 😛
          Finally able to start eating yesterday, still weak though

        4. Sorry to hear how sick you’ve been! Make sure to keep hydrated (electrolyte formulas are good like Pedialyte or Gatorade if you are not already drinking). Go easy with what you eat (start light — low fiber, easily digestible — don’t eat raw veggies — if you eat veggies make sure they are cooked/steamed so that they are very soft). Hope you feel better soon.

        5. Started off with chicken 2-minute Instant Noodle, then some jelly and stew 😀

          Taken things slow 🙂

        6. A less expensive alternative for electroytes is ginger ale with a pinch of salt (a teaspoon of salt in a 2 litre bottle).
          Recurrent symptoms of that nature could be more significant than just something you ate. A more indepth investigation than a discussion with the doctor may be warranted, i.e., an actual xray/untrasound/etc.
          Good luck.

        7. Was thinking of getting a bottle or two of one the Exercise Recovery Drinks next time went shopping (mum is claiming to have ‘lost her oomph’), may see about a ginger ale cordial (or dry ginger ale and let it go flat)

          Only problem now, is what ever happened to the side is still sore, and attempting to get back to a more normal (for me) sleeping pattern

        8. Those are good too, recovery drinks, ginger ale with salt, to replete your electrolytes. Like Lloyd said though, if symptoms keep recurring or worsening, may need to see a doctor (not ideal to go out during this crisis, but many doctors are now doing telephone or video visits and they can determine if you need further testing). I hope you feel better soon.

        9. Been ‘living’ with Chronic Fatigue for the last 30 years, have gotten use to feeling low energy

          As for the side, it’s clearing up, slowly, and taking the time to sleep as long as possible is helping get the cycle back 🙂

  3. Speaking of The Goodies: sad news, Mr Tim Brooke-Taylor died from Corona 🙁

    1. Sad news indeed. Stay safe

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